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Tucson: Theatrical Mime Theater presents Jerry Hager's "Life & Times"

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Theatrical Mime Theater presents

Jerry Hager and the world premier of

Life & Times



March 26 & 27 at 7:30 pm - Zuzi Theater, 738 North 5th Avenue

$12 general admission; $8 students, seniors and children.

Tickets available at the door and at



Renowned San Diego Mime Jerry Hager offers Tucson an exploration of the capacities of the human spirit.  Presented in two acts and drawing on elements of pantomime, vocal mime, gesture theater, imagery and corporeal mime, Jerry weaves a rich story of humanities courage and curiosity. 


The impetus for much of this performance came from Shakespeare's As You Like It. In his "All the worlds a stage" passage, Shakespeare divides life into seven stages moving from birth to death. Jerry: "I decided to take these stages and elaborate on them – I built storylines for the characters in each stage, created masks to represent each character's archetype and incorporated classical and modern music to evoke the essence of each stage and story."


Jerry's Life & Times production adds an eighth stage of life to Shakespeare's original seven. This stage represents the "Creator" and universal element that weaves our lives together, as if by magic. Jerry: "It is the Creator's intervention that forms the circle of Life, where death is followed by re-birth, and re-birth by new stages, new stories and ongoing humanity."


Act one presents the character of Mr. K who is a compliment to Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd. This act outlines Mr. K's silly and silent adventures as he comes face to face with his own curiosity in his encounter with a mysterious box. Enriched with sound and music, this story gracefully leads us into a contemplation of how to approach each stage of life with joy and adventure.


Jerry: My goal in Life has been to illustrate not only the comedy and tragedy of being human, but especially the trials we face and the courage we so often demonstrate in the face of both common and unusual adversity."



Jerry Hager has been a theatre mime artist since 1980.  He teaches acting and theatre mime at Grossmont College where he also has created two touring programs. Jerry is a performing artist with Young Audiences of San Diego, where he conducts workshops, classes, and special performances.  Additionally, he was the San Diego Seaport Village mime artist from 1980 to 2006, which made him a San Diego icon.  His company The San Diego Pantomime Theatre has collaborated with many theatre groups including Classics for Kids, San Diego Chamber Orchestra, and San Diego Museum of Art.  Jerry has also written, directed, and presented over 50 mimodramas (mime plays) in the past ten years. 




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