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FW: Odyssey Storytelling Presents: New Shoes, The Fashion Show


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Odyssey Storytelling Presents: New Shoes: The Fashion Show


Six invited storytellers have ten minutes to talk about a specific theme. The stories are not read or memorized, they are told from the life experiences and creativity of the teller.


Thursday, March 4 at 7 p.m.

Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St., $7  

Get your reserved seats here: www.odysseystorytelling.com


New Shoes: The Fashion Show Stiletto to Stetson. Stories of  fashion obsession or fashion hatred. The importance of  heirlooms, hand-me downs, and hula skirts. Shoes that became weapons and other crimes of fashion. Body modification your chosen accessory?  Hairdo ever cost you a relationship?  Fashion, love it or hate it, you're wearing it. 

I don't know about you but I'm getting dressed up to celebrate our 6th Anniversary! 

Comedienne, Adria Elliott; fashion design instructor, Nanalee Raphael; poet, Nico Ratoff; desert dweller, Cynthia Ray Comé; dreamer, Jayshiro Tashiro, journalist Mari Herreras and interior designer Alex Ruiz


Have dinner at the Cup Cafe (reservations recommended: 798-1618) in the historic Hotel Congress OR at the new Maynard's Market and Kitchen on Toole Ave in the Historic Train Depot (reservations recommended: 545-0577), let them know you're going to Odyssey, and they will reserve a seat for you at the show.


Doors open at 6:30. Free parking on the street after 5 p.m.



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