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Tucson: Casting Call: Feature Film "Summertime Killers"


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Casting Date/Time/Location: March 20, 9am - 1pm, 5770 East Pima Street


Title: Summertime Killers


Type of Project: Feature Film


Location: Tucson, AZ


Pay: Key roles may receive a small amount of compensation.


Shoot Dates: May 31 - June 25


Synopsis: Ben, a suburban teenager, has gotten into dealing with his friends, Walter and Jack. But when Walter expresses plans for expansion, and the consequences of their decisions begin to arise, Ben realizes he needs to get out of this situation before it is too late.



Ben - 14, white male. Lead role.

Walter - 14, white male. Ben's best friend.

Jack - 14, white male. Walter and Ben's best friend.

Sam - 17, white male. Hangs out with Ben, Walter and Jack.

Ginny - 14, white female. Walter's girlfriend.

Ann - 14, white female. Jack's girlfriend.

Will - 19-20, white male. Ben's older brother. 

Mike - 19-20, white male. Former friend of Will, neighborhood dealer, and source of Walter's supply.

Jeff - 14, male (no race specified). Buyer from the boys. Gets beaten up.

Keegan - 17-18, white male. Buyer from the boys. Is the lead singer of a band.

Anthony - 16-17, white male. Slacker who dropped out of school and just hangs out with the guys.

Shandy - 15-16, female (no race specified). Local partier. Warns of the police coming.

Walter's Dad - 45-60, white male. Not an exceedingly responsible dad.

Walter's Mom - 45-60, white female. Drug using mother.

Mother - 30-40, white female. Outraged with the guy's rude comments.

Woman - 30-40, white female. Pumps gas at a gas station.

Gas Station Clerk - 45 - 60, male (no race specified). 

Gas Station Customer - 40 - 50, male (no race specified).


NOTE: Parental consent and involvement will be mandatory for any performer under the age of 18.


These are all of the roles we are currently casting for. Let me know if you need anymore information.



Gary Sundt



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