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Casting Call, Impala -- Feature Length Crime Drama - paid


Impala -- Feature Length Crime Drama (Tucson)

Date: 2012-08-18, 7:48PM MST
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Tucson Dramatic Films is casting for Impala, a feature length crime drama to be shot in Tucson and Southern Arizona during the period from October 1, 2012 through December 15, 2012.

We will be casting on Friday August 31, Saturday September 1, and Sunday September 2 from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM each day. Audition reservations are required for all roles.

Impala is about a drug deal gone wrong. Two young dealers get custody of a key of heroine from an established dealer. They set up a buy, which becomes a gun fight, but at the end of the day the two young dealers end up with both the cash and the drugs. Unfortunately, by the following morning, both the drugs and the money have been stolen from them and they are simultaneously running from the disgruntled established dealer, the disgruntled buyers (one of whom was shot but not killed), and the cops, while the young drug dealers are trying to find either the drugs or the money to clear their name. The film is titled after the 1971 blue Chevrolet Impala that the protagonists drive throughout the film and for the African animal known for its skill in running from established predators.

This is a Non-Union production offering the following pay scale: $200 per eight hour day for the eight Leads; $100 per eight hour day for Major Supporting Roles; $50 per eight hour day for each Minor Supporting Roles; and a copy of the film on distribution and title credit for Extras. All actors must be at least 18 years of age.

In responding to this posting, please provide:

1. A headshot and resume. Multiple photographs are welcome. If you do not have a resume, provide name, age, height, weight, and describe your acting experience (if any).

2. Your preference for day and time for an audition and days and times you cannot audition. We will be casting on Friday August 31, Saturday September 1, and Sunday September 2 from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM each day. 

3. The identity of each role for which you would like to audition. 

In response, we will provide: the address of the hotel at which we are auditioning, a time slot, a conference room number and digital copies of the scenes from which you will be asked to read . Pay attention to the conference room number as we will be auditioning two sets of candidates in parallel.

The Leading Roles ($200 Per Day). 

Michael. A 40 to 65 year old man. Mature drug dealer. Intelligent and coldly vindictive. He owns Winchester, which is a topless bar out of which he runs all of his businesses. Smoker. No violence. No nudity. No sexuality. Race unimportant.

Heather. A 40 to 55 year old woman. Mate of established drug dealer. Smart and sophisticated. She is the manager of Winchester. Smoker. No nudity. No sexuality. No violence. Race unimportant.

David. A 20 to 35 year old man. Young drug dealer. Smart and aggressive. Easily enraged. A biker with an advanced degree. Smoker. Repeated simulated sexuality (with Rebecca). Repeated brief nudity. Likes to urinate in beer cans and leave the cans to be found. Repeated violence -- several fights both with Rebecca and other characters. Race unimportant.

Rebecca. An 18 to 28 year old woman. David's mate. Smart and calculating. Loves mahjong. Has tattooed the names of previous lovers all over her body. When she breaks up she modifies the tattoo. Peter is the Man, becomes Peter is Woman. Jesus (Hey -Zeus) (a former lover) Loves Me, becomes Fuck Jesus Loves Me. She repeats this line several times throughout the film when things look bad. Smoker. Repeated nudity. She will walk into a room naked with people she doesn't know to assert herself over the group. Simulated gritty sexuality with her partner David. She beats up another female character in the film who Rebecca suspects has sold them out. 

Eric. An 20 to 30 year old male. David's younger brother. He is the back up in the drug deal. He is the driver at the drug deal. Seems to have a crush on Rebecca. Non smoker. No nudity. No sexuality. No violence. Race unimportant.

Detective Stone. 30 to 60 year old. Male or Female. Bad cop who is suspected of ripping off the drugs and the money. Not a nice man. Preferably unattractive and or overweight. No smoking. No nudity. No sexuality. Limited violence. He or she strikes a drug user with a bat. Race unimportant.

Detective Grey. 30 to 60 year old. Male or Female. Lead detective chasing Michael/Heather/David and Rebecca. No nudity, sexuality, smoking, violence.

Officer Cotton. 20 to 35 year old. Male or Female. Officer assigned to the investigation who becomes responsible for discovery who actually stole the drugs and the money. No nudity, sexuality, smoking or violence. Race unimportant.

Major Supporting Roles. ($100 Per Day)

Bartender at Winchester. 25 to 45 year old. Male or female. Acts as the appointment secretary for Michael and Heather. Confidant of Heather. No smoking, nudity, sexuality, or violence.

Officer Sims. 20 to 35 year old. Male or female. Officer Cotton's partner. Competent and honest. Non-smoker. No nudity. No sexuality. No violence.

Jason. 20 to 40 years old. Male. Drug buyer. Smoker. No nudity, sexuality, or violence. Race unimportant. Race unimportant.

Susan. 20 to 40 years old. Female. Drug buyer. No smoking, nudity, sexuality or violence. Race unimportant.

Sharron. 18 to 35 year old woman. A topless dancer. Manipulative and calculating. Wants to get the attention of Eric. Smoker. Nudity (topless/topless dancing). No violence. Race unimportant.

Debbie. 18 to 35 year old woman. A topless dancer. She is Sharron's friend, but also very competitive with Sharron. Smoker. Nudity (topless and topless dancing). No sexuality or violence. Race unimportant.

Albert and William. 30 to 50 years old. Male. Two customers at Winchester. They are interrogated by the various police officers investigating the drug deal. No smoking, violence, nudity.

Minor Supporting Roles ($50 per day)

Police Sergeant (1).

Topless Dancers (4). 

Waitresses at Topless Bar (2).

Heroin Addicts (2)

Motel Maids (2).

Motel Desk Clerk (1).

Lawyer at Jail (1).

Extras (No monetary compensation.)

Bar Patrons.

Motel Patrons.

Citizens on the sidewalk.

Restaurant Patrons.

Police Officers.

Homeless Men.

Prisoners at Jail.

Stunt Driver. We are also looking for one stunt driver. Compensation is negotiable and based on experience.

Karen Gurson
Casting Director 

·         Location: Tucson

·         it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests



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