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Casting Call, One Hundred Blooms feature length drama - paid

Feature Length Drama (Tucson)

Date: 2012-08-30, 9:29PM MST
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One Hundred Blooms is a feature length drama to be shot in Tucson with shooting beginning in mid October.

One Hundred Blooms is a story about Amanda, a successful lawyer who is modestly unsatisfied in her marriage to Kenneth, a successful real estate developer. Amanda has two adult daughters. Her older daughter, Susan, is also an attorney. Her younger daughter, Jennifer, is about to enter college. Amanda got married when she got pregnant with Susan and eventually got pregnant with Jennifer when she thought she was no longer fertile. As Amanda explained -- two mistakes -- one that began her marriage and one that seemed to mark the end of it.

Amanda and Kenneth are not hostile -- but distant. Susan worries how much she is like her mother and seems to want to help her as if to guide her own future. When the film opens, Susan and her mother are attempting to work through Amanda's apparent drinking problem. While Amanda's drinking didn't affect her work, it arguable was the cause of the malaise that seemed to envelope her personal life. 

However this assessment is interrupted when Jennifer (Amanda's youngest daughter) takes her own life -- leaving no note or explanation. Instead of despair, Amanda reacts to Jennifer's suicide with anger. To Amanda, Jennifer's lack of explanation seemed to be putting the blame on her. And in Amanda's mind, if Jennifer did blame Amanda, she should of least had the decency to make her claim expressly.

After the loss of Jennifer, Amanda struggles with how she wants to go forward with her life, and the film parallels Amanda's search for a satisfying resolution.

This project is non-union. We will be auditioning on Saturday September 8 with times as necessary to accommodate all qualified applicants.

We are casting for the four leading roles: Amanda, Kenneth, Susan and Jennifer. We are open regarding ethnicity, but the demographics of the actors to be selected are obviously interconnected. We presume that Amanda and Kenneth are approximately 50-65, that Susan is approximately 35 - 45, and that Jennifer is approximately 18 to 25. We are paying Amanda a flat fee of $2,000, Susan a flat fee of $1,500, and Kenneth and Jennifer each a flat fee of $1,000. All actors will be paid 50% pro rata with progression of the shooting and 50% on completion.
If you are interested in auditioning for one of these four roles, please provide a current headshot and resume and identify your actual age (not the range of ages that you are open to portraying). We are open to retaining actors from outside the Tucson area, but will not accept video in lieu of auditions for the four leading roles. Supplemental photographs and video are always welcome (but not required).

There are four substantive minor roles (that we are not casting for at this time) each of which we will pay a flat fee of $500. If you are interested in One Hundred Blooms, but are not interested in auditioning for one of the four leading roles, feel free to provide us your name and e-mail address and we will contact you when we are ready to audition for the remaining roles. 

White Cotton Films 

·         Location: Tucson

·         it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

·         Compensation: Flat fees from $2,000 to $500 depending on character.



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