Monday, August 06, 2012

CD release party and Awesome Concert


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This coming Saturday, August 11th, don't miss the CD release party for "La Liberte" an incredible African reggae and Afro Pop album. The event will take place at The Hut at 305 N. 4th Ave, beginning at 9pm. It's going to be an amazing night that people will talk about for months afterwards.

The headliner is Bassirima Soro, a six-time winner of the Tucson Marathon and current record holder for Côte d'Ivoirethe (The Ivory Coast).

K-Bass now lives in Tucson and is embarking on a music career. His music style is very energetic featuring African-Raggae and Afro Pop. K-Bass is following a family tradition. His father was a traditional medicine man, singer and Ngoni (a string instrument originating in West Africa) player and his mother was a singer and dancer.  K-Bass is an incredibly charismatic performer and this music makes you want to MOVE.

There will be two other bands opening for K-Bass, one specializing in African Drums and one specializing in west African music. There will also be a really fantastic African dance troupe performing with K-Bass and his band FM.

See the flyer here:

You will find adequate parking on the roads east and west of 4th Avenue which is currently closed due to the trolley construction.

Look for the music video for K-Bass, produced by Snap Bang Media, LLC coming soon.




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