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Casting Call short thriller to be filmed Fall 2012 - paid

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Casting Call


Casting call for a new short thriller to be filmed in Southern Arizona Fall 2012. Award-winning filmmakers with indie film fest and distribution history to produce. Actors will be paid; experience preferred. Actors must have flexible schedule.


Serious film with ambitious plans. Great resume-builder for actors.

Filmmakers and crew enjoy a professional, fun, and creative work environment.


Parental permission and involvement is required for the child actor.  We plan on having the parents present on set the entire time.





  • Older Caucasian male. Mid to late 60's. Husky build. Rough and tough retired rancher.
  • Older Caucasian female. Mid to late 60's. Thin/ slender build. Homemaker and grandmother.
  • Young Hispanic male. Early to mid 20's. Tall and skinny. Scrawny build. MUST SPEAK SPANISH FLUENTLY (bilingual preferred).
  • Young Hispanic female. Early to mid 20's. Long, dark hair. Voluptuous. MUST SPEAK SPANISH FLUENTLY (bilingual preferred).
  • Young Hispanic girl. 6 to 8 years old. Acting experience a big plus. MUST SPEAK SPANISH (bilingual preferred).


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