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Open Audition for Piquant Plays Production "The Funniest Joke in the World"

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Open Audition Announcement for Piquant Plays Production


The Funniest Joke in the World

by Gavin Kayner


Production Dates – May 25th though June 14th 2015

Rehearsals - April and May 2015

Audition Location – Unscrewed Theater – 3244 E. Speedway

(Enter from the south side of the building.)


Audition Times and DatesSaturday August 23, 9 -11 AM and Tuesday August 26, 7 – 9 PM.

(If you're interested but can't make any of those dates, let us know at 297-3317 or e-mail at


Production venue – Cabaret Theater – 330 S. Stone Ave, downtown Tucson

All actors will receive a stipend and some percentage of the house beyond expenses

Playwrights Horizon referred to the play as 'compelling and heartfelt'. Funniest was a top ten finalist for the Long Beach Playhouse award – 'compelling and original script', and a finalist for the Alleyway Theatre prize.


Kayner's plays have won numerous awards and been produced to full houses and positive reviews. Thumbs – 'the best theater I (have) witnessed' – S. Gibson. Noche – 'a brilliant schematic' (Citizen) and 'lyrically written' (Star).  Hokey Pokey – 'powerful…clever and witty'. Flowers – 'The Language of Flowers is an eminently satisfying work from both an intellectual and an emotional point of view.' Eric Marshese LA. Etc.



BENNY: A quirky earnest young man in his early 20's. He's driven to be a superhero like those he reads about in his comic books. As a result, Benny invents different characters, dons ad-hoc costumes and patrols the streets attempting to fight crime. This fantasy ambition is fueled – on the surface by practicality, but in reality by the terror of his past. Benny is all unintentional pratfalls and slapstick and childlike sincerity.


TILLY: A spunky New Yorker in her early twenties. Like Benny, Tilly has a beguiling dichotomous character: naïve and street-wise by turns. She is saving her money and taking swimming and yoga lessons to realize her dream of becoming a mermaid in a Florida amusement park. She's a big fan of the romantic movies from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Tilly dreams of whales, but sleeps with demons.


ABE: A crusty bitter Jew in his mid-fifties and older who knew the, yes, horror of Nazi Germany and the terrorism of Joe McCarthy. Of course, he became a comedy writer. A blacklisted and forgotten comedy writer. He's quick with a line and broken in so many ways it's difficult to believe he'll recover. For Abe – redemption is a joke.


NATE: A man well into middle-age who could'a been somebody – but alcoholism and family obligations conspired to keep him where he is – the owner of a neighborhood bar called Stout House. The bar and Nate are haunted by a vicious murder that took place there. He's looking to escape Stout House and his guilt.


VON: A socially inept and repressed young man (20's – 30's)so tightly strung it's only a matter of time before he snaps. When he does, there's going to be one hell of a mess.

Contact - 297-3317 – Gavin Kayner and/or Norma Montano.



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