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Armor Releasing Workshop: Restoring the Actor's Emotional Availability


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Armor Releasing Workshop: Restoring the Actor's Emotional Availability


A three-session workshop that introduces you to the technique of armor releasing, a contact-based technique based off of 20th century mind-body theories and used today for actors looking to create deep, true emotions on cue as a matter of technique.


When: July 1-3, Tucson, AZ. Three sessions total.


Dates and times:


July 1: 6-9:30pm (Individual sessions)

July 2: 6-9pm (group session)

July 3: 6-9pm (group session)


Where: KU Studios; 6066 N. Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ.


Cost: Free, pending a commitment to all three sessions. Places are limited to six participants.


More information:

What are some of the things that frustrate an actor? Stress, pressure, fear of failure, and inability to deliver deep, true emotions on cue. These are just a sampling of the many fears actors deal with daily. In the face of these genuine workplace concerns the body, the actor's instrument, shuts down, preventing the actor from being alive and free. The actor's precious emotional availability and sensitivity becomes locked in these habitual tensions, and what many actors feel like blocks, inabilities and a lack of talent is simply a matter of physiology.

This workshop is based off of the work of Wilhelm Reich's theory of body armor- the body's muscular suppression of emotions from childhood- which has been further developed for actors by Niki Flacks. In discovering their own emotional armor and how to release it, the actor can begin to develop a way of working that frees them, enlivens their work and returns their natural emotional availability as a matter of technique and not chance.

Disclaimer: Please note that this workshop will be conducted in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Armor releasing uses gentle, respectful physical contact, and basic movement exercises. This workshop is not ideal for participants uncomfortable with physical contact and potentially intense emotional experiences.


This workshop is ideal for the following people:

·         actors who struggle with bringing true emotion and aliveness into their performances

·         actors who suffer from performance anxiety and stress

·         performers seeking tools for being truthful, spontaneous, and impulsive in their work

·         performers wanting to bring more authenticity into their performances

·         performers of other mediums, including physical theatre, dance, puppetry, performance poetry, and storytelling looking to be more engaged and alive in their work


PLACES AND RESERVATIONS: E-mail to reserve your space now.


About the instructor: 


Royce Sparks is a London based actor, director and acting teacher with roots in Tucson. He specializes in the Meisner technique and, as the founder of his international company Meisner Technique International, has launched training intensives in the US, Canada, London and Berlin. Royce has collaborated on projects with the the Royal Shakespeare Company, Complicite, Frantic Assembly, Larry Silverberg, Michael Attenborough, Nickolas Grace, Ross Mullan, Owain Arthur and Foreign Affairs Theater Company.


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