Saturday, June 13, 2015

BIKING A PLAY ACROSS THE UNITED STATES - Tucson performance tonight

Now, here’s something different….


Agile Rascal Traveling Bike Theatre



We are a collection of Bay Area artists at the intersection of performing arts and bike culture.


For our first project, we are creating a play to perform across the country this summer, traveling exclusively by bicycle.


Our play, complete with costumes, sets, lights and sound, is compact and flexible to pop-up in almost any location indoors or outdoors. We will perform in a variety of spaces, from bars to art galleries, parks to black box theaters.  We have at least one show scheduled per week, with the opportunity to perform spontaneously as many times as we like in-between.


It is our goal to present a play that is challenging, comedic and highly physical.  With a play that explores the intersection of Capitalism, Technology and Spirituality, the mission of our project is the following:

·         Bring new and innovative theatre to a wide audience across the country.

·         Use theatre to begin a dialogue with our audience about the shifting cultural and physical landscape of our country.

·         Encourage biking as an alternative means of transportation.

·         Facilitate a network of artists and performers working at the intersection of biking and art in all forms.

·         Explore new ways of living that are more minimalistic, self-sufficient, physical and mobile.

The performances will be free for all audiences and appropriate for all ages.


Tucson performance Saturday, June 13 at BICAS (44 W. Sixth St.) beginning at 8 p.m.


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