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Unscrewed Theater Improv Workshops June 20 Featuring Joey Shope


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Subject: Unscrewed Theater Improv Workshops June 20 Featuring Joey Shope


Hello Tucson arts people! Chris here from Unscrewed Theater. We're excited to be hosting two workshops this Saturday with guest instructor Joey Shope from Orange County, CA. 


You don't just have to be into improv comedy to get something out of these workshops. The techniques introduced in the 10am workshop can be used for character development for actors of all types. And the're just gonna be a lot of fun, dammit! Join us to have some fun!


Each workshop is $25 and if you purchase both the cost is only $40! (Plus BPT Fees)


Here's the descriptions of the workshops and Joey's Bio.


Joey Shope loves improv. He loves it so much that he got a tattoo that says IMPROV on his wrist. Joey has been doing improv for 8 years, starting in high school and is still going to this day. Joey has graduated the IO West training program, Spectacles Improv training program, The Improv Space training program and he now teaches and coaches at both Spectacles Improv and The Improv Space. Joey has had training with some of the best improvisers in L.A. and is constantly working on his craft. Joey plays all over LA and Orange County and has played across the country at different Festivals. Joey also helps run the Orange County Improv Fest and is Director of Networking for Spectacles Improv Engine.


Workshops are listed with dates and times. All workshops will be held at Unscrewed Theater:


Saturday, June 20, 10am-1pm

STARTING THINGS OFF RIGHT:JUST GET TO IT - Want an interesting character without spending half your scene building one? Want to develop a character within the first few moments? Want to have a clear idea about what the scene is right at the top? Then this is the class for you. Join Joey Shope as he instructs you on how to get the most out of your scene without spending precious minutes trying to figure it out the hard way. You will gain the ability to quickly make funny and interesting characters. If you start strong, you're going to end strong, and starting things off right will get the ball rolling in the best way possible. 


Saturday, June 20, 2pm-5pm

FORM DORM - Doing great scene work, but don't have a form to wrap around it? Montage after Montage bringing you down? Look no further. Forms are fun and exciting, and can add an interesting theatrical bent to your show. Forms also help your team have the same group goal, and can quickly develop group mind. There are millions of forms out there, why not try a couple? Learn the basic philosophies for the Slacker, Armando, La Ronde and so many more. Find one you love and let it inspire you and your troupe to try something different. Let these forms inspire you to create your own, or alter one you learn into something that you and your troupe would be interested in playing.


Admission is non-refundable. Workshops will be limited to 15 participants. 

Online sales end June 19 at Noon


Purchase your workshop spots at:





Joey will also be performing with Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed this Friday, June 19 at Unscrewed Theater. Tickets are $5 (plus BPT fees) and can be purchased here:



We look forward to seeing you this weekend at Unscrewed Theater!



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