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RE: Tucson actor accidentally stabbed during performance


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Many of you may have heard about the terrible accident that occurred last Sunday during our play "The Language of Flowers" has incurred a lot of out of pocket medical expenses due to the accident and we would like to help him out.  He is a wonderful friend, father, teacher and actor in the Tucson community and we want him to be able to keep doing all of these things once he's recovered.  What you may not know about the incident, this is why Ken is such an amazing actor, is that after the accident Ken finished the scene.  He went on for an additional 10 minutes without missing a beat (or a line).  His scene partner new that she had scratched him, but had no idea how bad it was until the two of them were both off stage.  Talk about commitment to your craft!  Please help him out, go to Caringbridge at or directly to Go Fund Me at


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Tucson actor accidentally stabbed during performance

From the Arizona Daily Star.

Read the article here:



Actor Ken Beider is recovering at home after an accidental stabbing during a performance of Gavin Kayner's "The Language of Flowers" on Sunday at the Temple of Music and Art's Cabaret Theatre.


The remaining performances have been canceled. Ticket holders have already been reimbursed, said Kayner's wife, Norma.




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