Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Casting Call, Independent Short Film "Limpiadora"

Casting Film "Limpiadora" - IronFist’01 Productions 
[Independent Short Film] 

IronFist’01 Productions and Director, Alex Martinez are casting for the short film called "Limpiadora" about Karine, who is a young maid that works for a crime lord named Mendez. After stumbling on a briefcase in his office, she opens it and steals what inside. When Mendez finds out, he sends an assassin to go after her, but she beats him up. Mendez sends another, but she hits him with a car door accidentally. This pushes Mendez over the edge, and he hires the best hired killer in the business, who meets her at a stop light. He tries to kill her, She comes out of nowhere and knocks him out... Mendez sends another. 


Karine - (Lead) Female, 20 to 25 years old, Hispanic. Beautiful young Hispanic maid. Seemingly innocent, keeps her head down at work, but soon she reveals that she’s been adding new qualifications to her resume. This role requires knowledge/ability of mixed martial arts. 

Mendez - (Lead) Male, 25 to 35, any ethnicity. Crime lord/mobster with a tough presence. He’s a badass who you wouldn’t want to cross. Tuco Salamanca type (Breaking Bad). Indiscriminate killer who sees violence as the only solution. 

Bishop - (Supporting) Male, 20 to 30, any ethnicity. Hit man by trade. Carries himself with the self confidence of a man who’s the best in his field. 

Assassin #1 & #2 - (Supporting) Male, 20 to 40, all ethnicities. Assassin #1: Ineffective in his chosen career field. Dumb. Assassin #2: Oddly, this one is ALSO ineffective in his chosen career field. Clumsy. 

TUCSON Audition date and times: Saturday, June 13th, 2015 - By Appointment Only! 

For an Audition Appointment or more info, please email headshot and resume to Alex at: 
Please list "LIMPIADORA + ROLE" you are submitting for in subject header. 


Shoot location: 
Shoot schedule: TBD - Fall 2015 

Pay: Credit/Copy/Meals
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