Thursday, June 25, 2015

Urgent Need for a Tucson local actor


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Dear members of the Tucson performance community,


This is a request to help a member of one of the most treasured families in Tucson, the Schumachers. Collectively they have done a great deal for the Tucson film and theatre scene, and work tirelessly to better our potentials to be a sustainable industry as well as nourish the artistic community here.


Joan Schumacher is struggling with a potentially life-threatening issue and we have set up a fundraiser to help.


If you cannot donate, then you can help another way by sharing the information on social media- Facebook, Twitter, etc- about what others can do to help.


The link to the fundraiser page is here:


Joan represents the best ethos in the Tucson community- she has given many free hours in working with local actors and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.  Please be a part of that ethos by taking a few minutes of your time to help out.



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