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SAVE ARTS in our schools


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SAVE ARTS in our schools


The results are in.


Study after expert study concludes arts education is the special ingredient helping our young people learn better in school. Do better at math. Perform better at complex, higher-order thinking tasks. Achieve better reading and language skills.


Yet more than 115,000 students in Arizona attend schools without any arts instruction in their classrooms, and a third lack music and visual arts taught to state standards.


Too many Arizona young people are missing out on the opportunity for the quality arts education they deserve. At Arizona Citizens for the Arts, we're committed to giving them that opportunity.


Along with parents, teachers, school boards, school administrators and people like you, Arizona Citizens for the Arts is building a coalition to insure arts education is available in every Arizona school.


Our goal is to raise $6,000 in NEW contributions by June 30 to add to commitments we already have from others who believe as we do - Arts is essential to a quality education for our young people.


We're launching our Arts Education Outreach and Advocacy Initiative so not one more school year goes by without a strong voice speaking up for arts education in our schools.


Join our coalition AND contribute today so we can reach our goal.  It's time arts education was made a priority in our schools. Together - we can do it.



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Arizona Citizens for the Arts, a 34-year-old 501c3, acts as the eyes, ears and voice of the nonprofit arts and culture sector in Arizona - at the State Legislature, in local city halls and in partnerships with business, educators and community leaders involved in building and supporting quality of life in Arizona.


Data obtained from: Arts Education in Arizona Public Schools for the 2012/2013 School Year: An Analysis of the Arizona Highly Qualified Teacher Database, published by the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Commission on the Arts.






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