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CORRECTION: dates for Institute for Collaborative Storytelling conference


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The dates on our last Press Release somehow got abbreviated (on our end). This is corrected and has the correct dates. Thanks. Ron

Press Release


The first three experts for the Instutite for Collaborative Storytelling conference in July have been selected. Royce Sparks and Howard Allen, both directors of the Institute of Collaborative Storytelling, and Marc Pinate of Borderlands will host morning sessions at the conference to be held Sunday July 26 through Thursday July 30, 2015.

Marc Pinate is currently producing director of Borderlands Theater in Tucson. He has worked as an actor, director and a producer, including founding the Hybrid Performance Experiment (The HyPE), a site specific theater group, in the San Francisco Bay area, and he is currently involved as Producing Director in the various collaborative projects at Borderlands for the 2015-2016 season. Borderlands is a member of the National New Play Network.  Marc will conduct a workshop on "Language Into Story and Story Into Language" in the morning series.

Howard Allen, Director of the Institute, is a Tucson based artist and theater/film professional who has worked as an actor, playwright, director, screenwriter and literary manager/dramaturg. He is known nationally for his script analyses via his reading service. And he has his own Tucson based film production company, CoyoteMoon Films. Howard will be moderating discussions throughout the conference as well as presenting talks on "What is Story?" and later "What is 21st Century Storytelling With Actors?" (joined by Royce Sparks below) in the morning series.

Royce Sparks is a London based actor, director and acting teacher with roots in Tucson. He specializes in the Meisner technique and, as the founder of his international company Meisner Technique International, has launched training intensives in the US, Canada, London and Berlin. Royce has collaborated on projects with the the Royal Shakespeare Company, Complicite, Frantic Assembly, Larry Silverberg, Michael Attenborough, Nickolas Grace, and Foreign Affairs Theater Company. Royce is a founding member of the Institute for Collaborative Storytelling and he will be on hand to assist in facilitating workshops throughout as well as to lead practical workshops in the evenings on text exercises and analyses that honor both the writer and the collaborative storytelling process.

The ICS workshop is a five-day, limited admission collaborative workshop for writers, actors and directors in film and stage. It runs Sunday, July 26 through Thursday, July 30, at the Lodge of the Desert in Tucson. For more information, go to

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