Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Auditions: “Have We Been introduced? I’m Death”


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Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 8:14 AM


Two men and a teen  who have both a dramatic and comedic ability to play in a few acts of a production about death.

Also seeking a male who can strum the guitar and sing humorous, converted songs in between some of the acts.  Great voice not required - just clarity!

  • Can you play death, who is frustrated at not being able to find a date?
  • Can you play a grieving son or angry family member?
  • Can you play a bit role as a friend?


"Have We Been introduced?  I'm Death"

Each skit is only 3-5 minutes.


The goal is to illuminate and transform peoples' awareness of death & dying.  By participating, you will also be transformed.  Call Tani at 520-400-0274 or email for more info.



This project is currently non-funded (translation - none of us is being paid) and we will perform for a test audience to gain feedback and potential funding for the project.  You could be at the beginning of something amazing….or simply help to set this in motion as it develops, which will hopefully mean paid gigs!  



Tani Bahti is a long time RN and end of life educator who has written irreverent, touching and thought-provoking short acts to comprise this performance.  The intention is to use  creative ways to get both the lay and professional person to think about, talk about, and better prepare for the end of life journey.


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