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Boogie STOMP is Coming to The Fox

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Boogie STOMP Is Coming to Tucson!



Arthur Migliazza, local-grown jazz piano master and my former high school classmate (YES!), is returning to Tucson in his original show, Boogie STOMP.

Get your tickets for this fantastic show written by Bob Baldori of Chuck Berry fame.  Boogie STOMP has sold out in Russia over 5 times, and they have played in New York, Chicago, Rio, and Detroit.  

You've turned out before for The EXPRESSION!, make sure to turn it out once again this FRIDAY, November 18th at the Fox Theatre for a dear, longtime friend.

Thank you as always for your support of our musical endeavors!

November 18, 2016


Sign up today, this event will sell out!



Tickets and info: http://foxtucson.com/presents/boogie-stomp/


Two Pianos. One Stage. 100 Years of American Piano Music.


Boogie Stomp! the Musical tells the largely untold tale of American piano music from its origins at the end of the Civil War through to today.


Essentially a music to dance to, and encompassing many forms, Boogie Stomp! tells an entertaining story of its origins, subsequent history, and how it has shaped today's popular music. If you love blues, jazz, swing, stride, rhythm and blues, and/or rock and roll, then you'll love Boogie Stomp.


Boogie Stomp! is the story of past and present piano masters, and the vibrant music that  emerges from their lives. This story is presented as a different kind of musical by two of the best performers of American piano music in the world, Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza, who inform, entertain, teach, preach, dance, and boogie their way through a performance like no other.


Theater lovers and critics have been unanimous in their fanatical praise for this wonderful, theatrical evening.


Join us for a rockin' good time.


The music has been called a lot of things – blues, jazz, boogie woogie, swing, stride, ragtime, R & B, rock and roll among them. The basic elements are rhythm, improvisation and syncopation over a blues form. Baldori and Migliazza (and some times Bob Seeley and Martin Schmitt) play a riveting concert of American piano music that has been thrilling audiences all over the world. The sample listing below gives an indication of the many prestigious venues where they have thrilled sold out audiences.


Using a very singular approach to classic American piano music, Bob Baldori has developed a repertoire for piano that embodies the genius of an entire culture. With roots in dance, the material stretches from the end of the Civil War to today and shows how his contemporary performances are connected to origins in the 19th Century. At the same time, the performances make it obvious that this music is still alive, original, timely, powerful and still thrilling to audiences all over the world.



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