Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Comedy Playhouse Auditions for "Monte Falls Hard"


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Auditions for "Monte Falls Hard".  

At the Comedy Playhouse, 3620 N 1st Ave.

December 3rd 1:30-4:30pm

December 4th 6-8:30pm   

A two act comedic murder mystery. 


Plot:  A philandering professor is killed in his home. Who might be a suspect?  The wife?  His current lover?  Some disgruntled students?  The Dean, who has his own secret agenda?


A team of crack(ed) detectives investigate and, despite their comedic and haphazard missteps, arrive at our answer


Cast Requirements:  3 men 50-60 (dean, professor, detective);  1 woman 50-60 ( wife);  1 woman 30-50 ( lover);   1 man 30-40 (detective);  1 woman 30 (maid);  2 collegians ( one man, one woman)


We will read scenes from the script.  Please bring a head shot and resume.  Be prepared to tell a joke.



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