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Casting for Corporate Team-Building Event - PAID


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Actors Needed for Corporate Team-Building Event

Date: December 5th and 6th, 2016

Our company is holding a corporate team-building event on Dec. 5th and 6th in Tucson, AZ and we need people to act as a cameraman and reporter. We need role-players to be of Hispanic ethnicity to portray the idea that they are in a different country.


We are looking for a person to act like a reporter (from a different country) and a person to act like a camera man. We are not actually filming or photographing this exercise though. We might need more people as extras.


-Needs to be able to speak English and Spanish
-Needs to be Hispanic ethnicity or ethnically ambiguous
-Needs to be able to role-play/ improv from general script
-Needs to have own transportation

-All of the above
-Needs to own a professional-looking video camera

1. Wardrobe: For the "reporter" and "cameraman" dress as if you are in the "field"... tan, green, grey, or brown...cargo pants/button-up shirt. 

2. Headshots aren't necessary because we aren't filming or photographing. However, we would like the people to look Hispanic or ethnically ambiguous.

3. We are willing to pay $100-200 per day. If we pay on the upper scale, we want the actors to be convincing. There will be a high ranking colonel watching the exercise, so we want everything to go well.

4. There won't be a casting call or auditions. I will do phone interviews, since unfortunately I don't live close enough to do in-person interviews. December 5th and 6th is the actual day of the exercise. I'm hoping there will be a script but there will most likely be some improv as well.

Talent applying must speak both English and Spanish.

No audition necessary. 

Darkhorse Benefits is the non-profit side of our company, Velocity Training and Razor's Edge. We are involved with military training and team-building exercises. We are based all over the country because we do exercises all over the country. And our next one is going to be in Tucson on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. So, the actors will have to be able to get on base as well. 

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