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The Rogue Theatre presents UNCLE VANYA


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Read about Russia to prepare for this great play!

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November feels like the right month for a Chekhov play. A little melancholic, the brink of winter, family gatherings approaching, the temperature dropping below 90 degrees (well, it's Chekhov in Tucson

after all). 


In just a few days, Uncle Vanya opens at The Rogue. Here's what Director Joe McGrath has to say about the play:  


   Chekhov's theatre exists in the subtle, brittle exchanges of the human animal: our foibles and skillfulness, our venal preoccupations and noble courage, our delusions as well as those flashes of self-awareness when we see, with pain and wisdom, our own frailties.
   It is well known that Chekhov insisted that his plays were comedies. It is often hard to render them as such. Uncle Vanya is a series of events gone wrong or off the rails. But I take him at his word that these moments of deep pain, frustration, and crossed signals, like a clown's slips or collisions, are for the most part to be taken with humor. And Chekhov, good doctor that he is, sees the vulnerabilities of people and their foolish intentions with sympathy, and perhaps prescribes laughter as the best therapy. A cure never comes, but how could it? The affliction is our humanity--a malaise to be managed, not cured. 


Join us, dear Rogues, for this classic play opening this Thursday.

A little laughter about the foolishness of humans seems to be especially timely this November.  


P.S. For more background on the events in Russian history leading up to the play, check out Jerry James' essay "Chekhov's Russia (and How It Got That Way)" here. 




November 3 - 20, 2016 

Directed by Joseph McGrath  

Musical Direction by Jake Sorgen

Buy tickets online at www.TheRogueTheatre.org  

 or call 520-551-2053 


Production Sponsors: Meg & Peter Hovell   


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