Monday, April 23, 2007

Tucson: Casting Call and DP needed for End of the Road (Short Film)


Shooting one hour outside of Tucson

Production:    End of the Road  (Short Film)    Location: Phoenix/Tucson

Employer:      Columbia Film                             Duration: 4 days, starts May 29

                                                                               SAG artist contracts


Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Director: Andrew Parker. End of the Road is a Columbia University MFA project.

Synopsis: Compelled by the insistence of his new wife, Mina, Craig returns to see the father he fled years ago, a hard-drinking, hard-living desert-dweller. But their reunion runs aground as the truth of their toxic past returns. Craig must make his peace with his past in order accept his future.

Apply to: Nick Greene

3 breakdowns:
If you have already stored your resumé on you can view it here then manually copy-and-paste it into the email. (The advertiser has opted to receive reponses via the email below, not via's response-form).

1. Email:  Male / 25-30 yrs. / White.

CRAIG: late 20s-early 30s: Escaping a painful past, he's determined to make something of himself. After a hellish childhood he can't imagine ever being a father. He's serious about his goals and hard on those he loves, even harder on himself – but a hard edge covers a wounded soul.


2. Email:  Male / 51-60 yrs. / White.

ZED: 50s-late 60s: A hard drinking, hard living sonofabitch. He'd kick your ass, then buy you a beer. An ex-hippie/biker, he's his own man, proud of living outside "the system" for as long as he can remember. He owns a beat up pick-up and squats on a patch of desert.


3. Email:  Female / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.

MINA: (early 20s-30): A free spirit, spontaneous and impulsive, youthful and full of hope, but neither naive nor foolish, equally comfortable in an evening gown or overalls. She wants to be a good wife and mother.


Vacancy:   Director of Photography

Employer:  Columbia Film

Location:   Tucson

Duration:   4 days, starts May

Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Columbia MFA short film seeking a Director of Photography for 3-4 day shoot in Southern Arizona. Travel and all expenses paid. No pay.

MFA in cinematography, experience with exteriors, landscapes and night scenes preferred.

We're looking for a collaborative team member who isn't afraid to work in semi-remote conditions. (We will be shooting one hour outside of Tucson)

Please submit a reel to the address below.

Apply to: Nick Greene, Andrew Parker, 362 Riverside Dr, 2B4-2, New York, NY 10025




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