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Tucson: Live museum piece needs actors


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Subject: Live museum piece needs actors

I am really excited to tell you all about this project. Right now we do not have enough actors so I hope some of you can help out.  
The museum piece is going to be about the many migration waves to Israel.  Each actor will get a different group of people to research.  Within that group the actors will then choose a real person or create a character to write a monologue about.  The monologue will need to be written in the moment.  We want the audience to see a slice of the person's life not just facts, which will be provided in writing next to the performer.  The final project will be a performance piece at the Jewish Community Center for the 59th Israeli Independence Day.  It is going to be a huge event with over 2,000 people in attendance.  The actors will perform as the audience tours around the room.  We are even hoping to use practical lighting, where the audience pushes a button to activate a light and the performer.  The entire process will be filmed with the intention of making a documentary about the whole project.   
I hope this gives you an understanding of our goals.  Below are the dates and times we are hoping to rehearse.  I am willing to work with conflicts if I am able.  I tried to keep the rehearsal dates to a minimum since this is a non-paying gig.  I want this project to be fun for everyone involved.  Please, get back to me as soon as possible if you are interested in participating.  I can be reached at (520) 403-8145 or
April 15th at 7:00
April 22nd at 7:00
April 26th at 7:00
April 29th at 7:00
May 6th is the day of our performance.
Thanks for your interest.
Seren Helday
Technical Director
Live Theatre Workshop 

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