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Tucson: Casting Actors for Staged Reading of Short Film


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Subject: Casting Actors for Staged Reading of Short Film


Actors for Staged Reading of Short Film  

Producer plans to apply for SAG Short Film Agreement and those cast for staged reading will be given first consideration. SAG Short Film Agreement allows both Union and Non-Union actors to participate.

Tolerance is a political satire that deals with human and civil rights issues including racial and social injustice, intolerance, hate, bigotry and violence.  Ultimately, the message of the film is unity through diversity achieved by non-violent interaction and cooperation.

The story begins with an old cantankerous Arizona cowboy walking down Congress Street, yearning for the way things used to be.  As the old cowboy recollects, the people in the old west town in which he grew up were  tolerant, respectful  and they stood up for what was right and what was just. But, memory has a way of fading and being fuzzy around the edges.  Suddenly, the old cowboy is magically transported from present day Tucson to the old west town he remembers.  The old cowboy meets up with one of his old friends, Igor the hunchback, and convinces Igor to accompany him as he reacquaints himself with his hometown.   

 During their day long travels the old cowboy and Igor encounter a Mardis Gras parade; a potential high noon fight between a gunslinger and a Samurai which ends with a game of rock, paper and scissors; a rudimentary game of baseball where the question is asked “Who’s on First;” a NASCAR Wagon Race pit stop with the pit crew changing  wheels and shooing a horse; and a visit to the Last Shot Dry Mouth Saloon where motorcycle gang bikers are discussing philosophy and Flatulence Jack makes an appearance. They finally end up at the Mayor’s Office where the Black, Jewish and gay mayor is playing chess with the Hispanic Sheriff.  The cowboy and Igor are invited to stay for dinner. As the dinner plates are being cleared away and all are enjoying a glass of Manischewitz wine; a young Mid-Eastern girl rushes in and says….  

Well, there’s lots more but why spoil all the fun! The following are the roles that need to be cast:

Narrator, Lead; Male, age 30 plus; vocal quality similar to that of Sam Elliot or Tommy Lee Jones.

Igor, Lead; Male, age 30 – 45; English or other European accent; caustic but comedic.

Mayor, Lead; Black Male, age 30-45; passionate and prone to deep thought.

Sheriff, Lead; Hispanic Male, age 30 to 60; articulate but wears his heart on his sleeve.

Pastor, Supporting; Male, age 50-60; fire and brimstone type.

Ma, Supporting; Black Female, age 60 plus; comedic and can do a Jewish accent.

Young Girl, Supporting; Mid-Eastern or Asian, age 12-18; good actor and sings in the finale  

Motorcycle Gang Bikers, Supporting; age 25 plus; three scruffy and mean looking bikers.

Mafia Men, Supporting; the Don, age 55 plus; Fredo and Paulie, age 25-45; New York or Jersey accents.

Flatulence Jack, Supporting; Large Male, age 25-50; is imposing but kind of goofy.

Townspeople, 12 Extras; Men and Women, Boys and Girls; all ages and ethnicities; will play a variety of roles throughout the staged reading.

Submission Instructions:      For an audition appointment, email headshot and resume to   List role in subject header. Auditions will be held April  9, from 1-4 pm and April 12, from 6-9 pm at Bookmans (1930 East Grant).  Tolerance will premiere at the Beowulf Alley Theatre on Wednesday, May 25.  Some pay as well as a DVD of performance provided to all.      


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