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Tucson: "Head the Musical" Audition at Beowulf Alley Theatre


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This is a reminder about auditions for Head the Musical at Beowulf Alley Theatre Company this weekend. This hilarious pop/rock adaptation of the classic 'B' horror movie The Brain that Wouldn't Die is currently nominated for 3 LA Weekly Awards and is returning home to Arizona for a joint production between Beowulf Alley and the creators of the musical. Rehearsals run through April and Head opens May 6th. See below for audition details. (Special Note: we need a drag queen with great comic presence!)


March 19 and 20th (Saturday and Sunday), 2-5pm. Callbacks that same Sunday, 6:30-9:30 pm, and possibly the following Monday, 6:30-9:30pm. Please email if you have any questions and to let us know you plan to audition.


For your audition, please prepare a song to sing a capella. There will be a keyboard for you to get your starting pitch. Your audition may also include a cold read and/or some simple improv. Callbacks will include more reads and a song from the show, which we will provide you before the audition (so it is important that you RSVP to


Dr. Bill Cortner has been conducting illegal experiments with human transplants when his girlfriend Jan is decapitated in a car wreck. Death be damned, Bill keeps Jan's head alive on a table using a special serum and goes out in search of a new body. Meanwhile, Jan becomes a blood-thirsty witch and develops psychic powers that put her in contact with one of Bill's earlier experiments, a "hideous" creature locked in the laboratory closet! While Bill hunts for a woman with primo T and A to replace Jan's body, the two freaks in the lab plot their revenge on the overweening doctor! Head the Musical! is an ‘R’-rated pop/rock adaptation of the classic 1960’s sexploitation/horror film, The Brain that Wouldn’t Die. Crass, crude, and thoroughly hilarious, Head is currently nominated for three LA Weekly Awards for its recent 5-month run at the Met Theatre in Hollywood, where it will be re-opening on a larger stage in October. Head the Musical draws favorable comparisons to The Rocky Horror Show, Little Shop of Horrors, and Evil Dead: the Musical. This Tucson premiere is a joint production between Beowulf Alley and the creators of the musical, and it will feature brand-new material. Rehearsals run through April and the show opens May 6th.


Bill Cortner: A medical doctor. Faustian genius, seducer, misogynist, egomaniac, predator, old-school Marcello Mastroianni-style smooth operator. He is hunting for a new body to fix his broken trophy wife. -- Baritone.

Jan: Bill’s young, naïve, sexually curious fiancée becomes a revenge-driven, blood- thirsty, telepathic harpy from hell when Bill keeps her severed head alive against her will! -- Pop Soprano / Belter.

Kurt: Bill’s lab assistant. His mangled arm is the result of one of Bill’s failed experiments. – Tenor, or Baritone with strong falcetto.

Creature: A Frankenstein creation assembled from the limbs of amputees. He is kept locked in the closet because he is supposedly hideous, but in fact he is quite good-looking and radiantly charismatic. -- Rock tenor.

Jeannie: A college friend of Bill’s. Smart, sophisticated, liberal, independent, and self-assured, she practices “sex positive” feminism to the point of raging nymphomania! -- Pop mezzo soprano or alto.

Detectives: A couple of hardboiled detectives.

(The Following Roles May Be Doubled)
Dr. Cortner Sr.: Bill’s domineering, moralizing father.

Seductra: A burlesque performer past her prime still competing with her younger rivals for the attention of men. Played in flamboyant drag. -- Tenor
Bambi: A foul-mouthed stripper and Seductra’s younger rival.

Donna: A friend of Jeannie’s. Also a nymphomaniac.

Doris: A tragic, reclusive figure model who shuts out society because of a tiny scar on her cheek. She distrusts all men due to an abusive ex-boyfriend. – Pop mezzo soprano.


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