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Call for Submissions, Tucson Fringe Theater Festival

Tucson Fringe Theater Festival


Call for Submissions


2013 Tucson Fringe Festival Submission Guidelines:

Applications to perform in the Tucson Fringe Festival are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. If we receive more applications than we have performance spots, we’ll hold a lottery to select artists. Here’s what you need to know to apply:

Application deadline: NOV 16, 2012.
Application fee: $15

As we enter our third year, we are excited at the chance to try something new. For 2013, we are pleased to offer two different submission options: the Triple Threat and the One-and-Done.

“Triple Threat” — 3-show participation:

Triple Threats of Tucson Fringe 2013 will receive the primetime slots each day of the festival. This includes one show Friday night (7 or 8:30 pm), one show Saturday night (7 or 8:30 pm) and one matinee show on Sunday (1 or 3:30 pm). By performing for
three days, Triple Threats will serve as the cornerstone of the festival, drawing different crowds each night.

$200 participation fee. (If you provide your own tech person; if you need us to provide someone it’s an additional $75)

2-4 Triple Threat spots available.

“One-and-Done” — 1-show participation:

Performers with something smaller in mind can opt for the One-and-Done. These “one-ders” of Tucson Fringe 2013 won’t have to commit to a three-day run. Each One-and-Done performance will take place once throughout the day Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
as part of the all-important lead-up to the days’ primetime performances. Pack the house with all your friends in one-shot event and maximize your profits.
$75 participation fee. (If you provide your own tech person; if you need us to provide someone it’s an additional $25)

6-10 One-and-Done slots available

Upon selection for participation in Tucson Fringe, 50% of participation fee is due. Remaining balance due 30 days before the festival. If you’re concerned that cost might prevent you from participating, please contact us directly to get information about alternative arrangements. All proceeds from the door go directly to the artist.

Tucson Fringe Theater Festival encourages submissions of all kinds. We are unjuried, uncensored, and offer unrestrained artistic freedom. Any type of performance art piece will be considered. Performances are limited to 1 hour, including set up and strike time. We prefer original pieces, but if you are using a public work or adaptation (this includes copyrighted music) which requires underlying rights, you will need to obtain them and submit documentation to us before Feb. 1, 2013.

Artist Requirements:
You are responsible for producing your pieces – Tucson Fringe Theater Festival provides the venues, but all cast, crew, and any other production staff you need is up to you to secure. (Except a tech person, as outlined above). Each artist or company must furnish a non-performing crew member to act as stage manager. You are also required to set up and strike your own show before/after each performance. On-site storage for sets, props and costumes will not be provided.  Tucson Fringe Theater Festival will only provide basic lighting and sound equipment– if your performance has special requirements, please include this information with your application, and please understand that we may not be able to accommodate special requests.

To apply, please complete the following application form:

Tucson Fringe Application 2013

Please also email us at tucsonfringe@gmail.com with any supporting materials (for example: photos, videos, scripts, reviews) as attachments. You can pay your $15 application fee here



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