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Casting Call, short film, Crown Chimp Productions - paid


Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2012 4:20 PM
Subject: [IFASA] Casting Call: Tucson, AZ



Crown Chimp Productions is currently casting for their new short film.
Genre: Drama
The film is about Clarity (our main character) going on a journey to save his ill mother.


  • Ma-Female/ 40's-50's/ Any Race or Ethnicity- Ma is a very caring and loving woman who has worked in a farm her whole life. Her husband passed away a few years ago and has now fallen ill.
  • Doctor-Male or Female/ 40's-60's/ Any Race or Ethnicity- Doctor is now caring treating Ma. He/She has a very interesting presence, you can see that the doctor is very worn down.
  • Damage-Male/ 30's/ Any Race or Ethnicity- Damage is an MMA fighter/trainer. He is very seasoned. This role asks for someone who is very physically built/athletic.
  • Auntie Sunshine Female/ 30's-50's/ Any Race or Ethnicity- Auntie is caring, loving, nurturing, authentic, and big hearted. She is the type of person you run to for comfort. Just being around her makes you feel like everything will be alright.

Featured Extras-

  • Model- Female 19-25 (European Look)
  • Patient 1- Male or Female 20-50's Any Race or Ethnicity
  • Patient 2- Male or Female 20-50's Any Race or Ethnicity
  • Adults (3)-Male or Female 20-30's Any Race or Ethnicity
  • Nurses(2)-Mid 20's -Late 30's Any Race or Ethnicity

Must be available for filming on Oct 13th/14th

These are paid positions. The short film is branded by a well known company.

If interested please send your resume and head shot to



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