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Casting call this Saturday - short Western Comedy


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Actors needed for a Western THIS WEEKEND!!!


Location: Pinnacle Peak

6541 East Tanque Verde Road, Tucson, AZ


Time: 12:30pm to 4pm for actors     12:30pm to 3pm for extras


I am shooting a Western Comedy short film no more than 5 mins in length. I am looking for extras for silent bits, and possibly two main actors.


For extras: Western Clothing from the wild west is all that is required. 


For main actors, head shots or body shots are recommended:

1/. Crane (The bad evil cool cowboy): A black cowboy costume, can be coat or shirt, I have the hat provided. A revolver on belt is a plus!

2/. George (The circus guy): Energetic, happy, wear something that is western.


Shooting is Saturday Oct 27th. Extras are needed from 12:30pm to approximately 2pm or 3pm. Actors will need from 12:30pm to approximately 4pm. 


There will be no compensation, but if he/she lives too far away I can pay for gas. The actors and extras however will get a certain percentage of whatever the film may earn. If it wins grand prize, it can be anywhere around $40 - $200.


Contact me via phone at 520-665-1497 or email at <


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