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Cowboy who can rope Needed - PAID commercial - Phoenix


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Sent: Monday, October 22, 2012 2:55 PM
Subject: Cowboy Needed - Paid commercial


This PAID opportunity for a commercial being cast by Good Faith Casting just hit my email. One role only for a “Cowboy” who can truly rope. Age range: 40-50, but may go either way with the right look. This will shoot in the Tucson area. Auditions TOMORROW in Phoenix.

PROJECT: major fast food chain commercial
TYPE OF JOB: Commercial broadcast
SHOOT DATES: November 13th 2012
SHOOT LOCATION: Tucson area, Arizona. (no travel or accommodations)
AUDITION DATES: Tuesday, October 23rd 2012 (at my studio in Phx)
CALLBACK DATE: Friday, October 26th 2012 (at my studio in Phx0
TYPE OF AUDITION: This is all non-speaking so we will focus on "action" shots. Since the cowboy must have at least a basic roping skill level, talent selected to audition will need to bring a rope and demonstrate at the audition. Actors MUST dress the part for this audition and go all out with cowboy hats, boots and spurs, etc. I think it would also help if they grew out their side burns a little before the audition.
TERM: All media for 1 year IN FRANCE ONLY!
RATE: $550 plus 20% agency fee for session fee. Additional buyout amount of $1.200 plus 20% agency fee.
HOURS/OVERTIME: This shoot is based on an 8 hour day. Time and a half for up to four additional hours and double time thereafter.
CONFLICTS: Other fast food commercials currently airing where talent is recognizable. If unsure, please ask and I can advise.
This cowboy is no John Wayne, no Marlboro man, no Sam Elliot like figure of statuesque masculinity. His jaw is not squared off, he doesn't have that thousand yard stare, or that quiet disposition that give most classic and icon cowboys their distinct air and solemn place in history. Our cowboy is the other type, the yahoo, the ranch hand, full of yee-haa and just a little bit of crazy. He's a little more wily and lanky as opposed to cut from stone like your more iconic figure. He's still all cowboy, but with a hillbilly flare to him that makes him slightly more of a comedic figure. I'm thinking between the ages of 40 and 50 years old but will consider older and younger. When I think of him I imagine the comic book character Lucky Luke. Or I see him as actors like John Hawkes (Deadwood), Walton Goggins (Justified, Shanghai Noon) Tim Blake Nelson (O'Brother...), or a younger Harry Dean Stanton. He got a true character face, he's an archetype, a quick and easy read, and he feels completely out of character training like he is. Actor must go all out in dressing the part and must bring rope to demonstrate roping skills at audition. Roping skills are basic and does not require trick roping.
CASTING COMPANY: Good Faith Casting, LLC / CASTING DIRECTOR: Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA, Casting Director / Owner
Send an email to with the subject line reading FAST FOOD COMMERCIAL. The email should include a full body and close up digital photo of yourself (taken in the last year and no more than 150 dpi,) your full name, your age* and birthday*, your union status, your contact information, your city, zip code, & a resume if you have one. Please be sure to note any experience with horseback riding & roping.
If you are with an agent, please allow your agent to submit you. However, if you have riding and roping skills that your agent may not be aware of, you might want to let them know so they submit you. Please note that like most of the castings we do, this is an exclusive casting for Good Faith Casting, LLC. If you are not with an agent we work with, you will not be considered. Talent represented by the Leighton Agency will not be considered (for an explanation of this, you can read the official letter on the subject by clicking HERE.
CAUTIONS: Submit as early as possible. Not all submissions result in an audition/booking. Talent should not call our office to follow up and should not submit multiple submissions for the same job. Talent should not send us links to other websites to view photos. Talent should not hide contact info within an attachment. Talent should not say things like "you already know me" or "I am already in your database" as all submissions that do not follow precise protocol will be deleted and will not be considered for the project. Do not submit if you are not a good match for the project. Do not submit if you are not available for the required dates.



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