Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tucson: Dinnerware Artspace presents Ignite Tucson

Need an audience to tell your story to?  Here’s an interesting item from the Tucson Weekly…


Setting Tucson Ablaze

Ignite Tucson
7 p.m., Thursday, July 31
the Screening Room
127 E. Congress St.

While many Tucsonans think it couldn't possibly get any hotter this time of year, the creative folks at Dinnerware Artspace are ready to heat things up with Ignite Tucson.

Ignite Tucson is a chance for anyone to stand up in front of a group for five minutes and discuss a topic--absolutely any topic--that "awes" or "inspires" you, says David Aguirre, of Dinnerware Artspace. The presenter will also have a PowerPoint project consisting of 20 slides, with each slide running for 15 seconds, projected on a big screen behind them, Aguirre says.

Aguirre described the event as full of "networking, laughing and free thinking." And don't worry; Nimbus will be providing beer if you need a little liquid courage before presenting.

Five people had already signed up to present as of our press deadline, and Aguirre says he expects about 10 more to step up.

The staff at Dinnerware Artspace discovered a Web site for an Ignite Portland event and thought, "Why not do that in Tucson?" Aguirre says.

Next week's Ignite Tucson is just a chance for Dinnerware Artspace to "get their feet wet" before working on another Ignite Tucson in the fall.

Anyone can sign up for Ignite

Tucson, but first must contact Aguirre in advance, by phone or e-mail. All PowerPoint presentations must be made beforehand and be on a CD or DVD, able to run on a Macintosh. A $5 donation is suggested, for the Screening Room and to help cover the cost of the Nimbus beer. --C.E.




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