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Tucson: Kings and Queens Casting WEB VIDEO - paid (Phoenix)


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Good Faith Casting
July 1st, 2008



Dear William,

Please read the following carefully and submit only if you fit the breakdown below.



Casting for Kings and Queens Web Video Trailer


We are casting for a web video trailer for a medieval fantasy novel. 


Actor (the King) and actress (the Queen) need to come close to matching the general facial features and physical characteristics of the book characters.  Book photos can be found at http://www.clwilson.com/ -- right at the top of the page and also down the lefthand side.


Wigs are available but prefer NOT to use them.


Talent must be able to emote well and display CONVINCING facial expressions of sadness, fear, anger, and love. Stage training is helpful here as the medieval fantasy world is very much larger than life and so grand physical gestures may be required.

The projected shoot date for this is July 19th from 10AM to 4PM. The pay for this $150. This is a fairly simple job that will have a lot of internet exposure as well as consideration for future projects from the client.


Please send us a headshot and resume to gfcsubmissions@gmail.com, with KINGS AND QUEENS in the subject line. Please do not send us links to other website to view your pictures, as these will be disregarded. Make sure to include your stats and contact information as well.





Faith Hibbs-Clark, C.S.A.

Casting Director


Chris Bowe

Casting Associate

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