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Tucson: RES Productions Announces its Premier Season



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RES Productions Triumphantly Announces its Premier Season





RES Productions, a new theatre company, commits to a standard of excellence dedicated to furthering communal knowledge and enjoyment of established playwrights, as well as nurturing local playwrights. Contemporary, classical, conventional, bizarre, avant-garde- no style of piece is excluded from RES canon. We greatly look forward to bringing and contributing to the thriving, living art that is Tucson’s theatre community.


For the Main Stage:


Christmas, 2008, Jeff Goode’s Eight Reindeer Monologues:


Jeff Goode’s darkly comic alternative to the usual holiday fare is set at the North Pole, where things are not only un-merry but downright sordid.

A furor erupts when Santa Claus is accused of sexual harassment by a couple of his reindeer. All eight share their views and anger about “the fat boy’s” alleged behavior. With calculated echoes of news coverage of public figures like Clarence Thomas, Bob Packwood and Michael Jackson, you’ll hear from the macho Dasher, the feminist Blitzen, the self-absorbed Prancer (Who’s renamed himself ‘Hollywood’), and the rest of the gang in this zany sex scandal that reflects societies own politics and inanities.

Eight Reindeer Monologues will be performed at multiple venues around town, and will be directed by MAC Award-Winning stage director, Howard Allen. Rehearsals to start sometime in October; auditions to be held in mid-August.


“…you’ll never again be so complacent about leaving the chimney unguarded at Christmas.”- Curtain Up


Jeff Goode’s series of monologues is tasteless, of course, but it’s also wickedly funny for those who can drop their defenses.”- L.A. Times


“A tart alternative to candy-cane cheer…”- N.Y. Times


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Then, coming in March:



“Charming spot. Inspiring prospects. Let's go.”

“We can't.”

“Why not?”

                                    “We're waiting for Godot.”



RES Productions proudly presents Beckett in Spring, a festival to celebrate the works of one of theatre’s most renowned visionaries, Samuel Beckett. The festival stretches to include a performance series of Beckett’s shorts, as well as a full-staging of the timeless masterpiece, and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, Waiting for Godot. Shorts include Ohio Impromptu, Play, Rockaby, Not I, and more.


Godot cannot be compared to any other theater work, because its purpose is so different. Two dilapidated bums fill their days as painlessly as they can. They wait for Godot, a personage who will explain their interminable insignificance, or put an end to it… It is a tragic view. Yet, in performance, most of it is brilliant, bitter comedy…It is a portrait of the dogged resilience of a man’s spirit in the face of little hope.” –NY World-Telegram.


Beckett’s Shorts in Association with Twilight’s Last Gleaming




May, 2009:


Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman.


With echoes of Stoppard, Kafka, and the Brothers Grimm, The Pillowman centers on a writer in an unnamed totalitarian state who is being interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories and their similarities to a series of child murders. The result is an urgent work of theatrical bravura and an unflinching examination of the very nature and purpose of art.


RES Productions’ presentation will be directed by MAC Award winner, Howard Allen, and will be featured at Beowulf Alley Theatre in May of 2009.


“Comedies don’t come any blacker than The Pillowman.  What The Pillowman is about, above all, is storytelling and the thrilling narrative potential of theater itself.”- NY Times.


Winner of the Olivier Award for Best Play, and two Tony awards in 2005.




-Eight Reindeer Monologues and The Pillowman produced in association with the Unlikely Theatre Company-




With The Unlikely Theatre


Hope, Fall 2008



Tucson Workshop Series


The workshop series presents new plays by Tucson playwrights in development.


Harry Clark’s  Pluto Deja Vu  


John Vornholt’s The First Third


Brandon Lee Pitman’s The Philosopher’s Cafe Infinite



Poetry Series


Our Poetry series features a mix of readings from local, up-and-coming, and established poets. More information will become available as venues and events are scheduled. Information on our first announced reading as follows:


A Chat with Bukowski: for those with a beatnik taste. A night of laughter, drinking, Tom Waits music, existentialism (maybe because of the Waits), and, of course, readings from the poets that redefined the contemporary word: the beatnik generation. We will be sending out calls for anyone interested in reading poetry at the event. We may have a rehearsal prior, if we feel so inclined, or just set up a lineup from the milkman’s hat. Modern beatniks are also welcome.



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