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Tucson: Feature Film Auditions - "Border Story"

Feature Film Auditions - "Border Story" - Eleven 11 Productions

"Border Story" is based on an actual event... Illegal immigrant Eliseo Gomez is robbed by human traffickers (Coyotes) and left alone in the Arizona desert. In his trek through the hot desert, Eliseo finds Cole, a young American boy, dehydrated and weak, wandering alone. Eliseo knows that he must evade the American Border Patrol and Minute Men groups or risk arrest and deportation, but he also knows that he is young Cole’s only hope of getting to safety and medical care. This film is being directed by Toby Louie.


ELISEO - Middle-age Mexican man. A campesino type. Weathered face, rough hands from years of hard work in the sun. The internal struggle of this character is what drives the story. (Lead)

COLE – An American boy, 8-10 years of age. Eliseo finds him wandering alone in the desert. He is injured and dehydrated. We learn later from the News Anchor on the radio that his mother was found dead in their crashed car and a search for Cole was underway. (Lead)

SHOPKEEPER – Middle-age or older. A friendly man who seems to genuinely care about the people he sells supplies to in preparation for their journey north. (1 scene, 5 lines)

STEFINO - Age open. A tough Coyote. He is a human trafficker who cares nothing of the fate of the campesinos he smuggles across the border. He cares only for the American dollars he demands from his human cargo. (1 scene, 7 lines)

DRIVER – He is business with Stefino. He loads the immigrants into his van only after they have paid Stefino the money he demands. (1 scene, 1 line)

YOUNG WOMAN – She nervously stands in line ahead of Eliseo, waiting to pay Stefino her fee to get across the border. She is grateful when Eliseo kindly returns the money she dropped. (1 scene, 1 line)

MAN with TWO CHILDREN – They are among the people waiting to gain access to Stefino’s van. (Featured extras: 1 scene)

LONE FIGURE – Could be Border Patrol. Could be Minute Man. Could be a rancher protecting his property. He scans the desert landscape with binoculars and when he spots Eliseo, he runs toward him, pointing and yelling indecipherably. (Featured extra: 1scene)

20 VARIOUS BACKGROUND EXTRAS – Mexican people all ages for scenes in town and at the van pick-up site. (Non-paid but possible upgrade to Featured Extra)

*The following are voice over roles, which may or may not be cast locally. At this time, please feel free to submit voice demos.

MORA – Eliseo’s wife. Heard over the phone, she tearfully pleads with Eliseo not to make the trip across the border for her sake and that of their daughter. (1 scene, 3 V.O. lines. Pays $50 for session)

NEWS ANCHOR – This American radio news anchor is heard reporting the tragic accident that left Cole’s mother dead and the search for the missing boy. (1 scene, 1 V.O. speech. Pays $50 for session)

Please read the character breakdowns carefully and submit accordingly.
"COLE" and the "NEWS ANCHOR" are the only English-speaking roles.

*Auditions are By Appointment Only!

Audition dates: August 8th and 9th, 2008

Audition address: Auditions with Producers/Director will be in Tucson - by appointment via Casting Director.
Auditions in Phoenix will be scheduled and taped via Casting Director - Dates TBD.

Email headshot, resume, and demo reel if available to:
- Actors must be able to work as local hire in the Tucson area.
- Submissions without at least photos, resumes and contact information attached will not be considered.

*Submit both UNION and NON-UNION.

Email Casting Director, David Paul Gillette at:

Eleven11 Productions
Washington, D.C.
Producer/Director: Toby Louie
Casting Director: David Paul Gillette


Shoot schedule: October 2008
Shoot location: Tucson

Pay: Salary, SAG Ultra Low Budget (pending) $100 a day - Featured Extras paid $50 a day
_________________ - Dedicated to Promoting and Supporting Film and The Arts, and Artists of Arizona

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