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Tucson: Calling All Storytellers! Odyssey Storytelling upcoming shows


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Calling All Storytellers!


Odyssey storytelling is looking for Storytellers to tell 10 minute stories for upcoming shows:


Thursday, August 5 at 7:00pm, Crazy for You: An Evening about Insanity: Stories of the mad, insane, and whacky. The eccentric family member. The psychotic boyfriend. The off-the wall teacher. The nonsensical red-tape. Finding yourself in a ridiculous or unimaginable situation. Falling crazy in love. Bizarre fanaticism. Looney ideas and dreams. Reasons for (or against) Prozac, Valium, Lithium, and Ritalin. The people and things that drive you crazy.


October 7 at 7:00pm, Bad Behavior: The Crime Show: How have you been bad? Breaking the rules or breaking the law; getting away with murder. Tell about civil disobedience, deviance, or defiance. Grounded by your parents. Busted by the red light camera. Arrested at the sit-in. Bailed out of jail. Golden child gone bad: Are there laws you want to break?


The themes are meant to be interpreted from a broad range of perspectives. If you are shy about telling a story, we give lots of support and helpful hints. There is a rehearsal a week before the event to run through the stories, get feedback, meet the other storytellers and enjoy some munchies. Learn more at www.odysseystorytelling.com



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