Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tucson: Voice Talent/Actors Needed - "GoldenCake"

Voice Talent/Actors Needed - "GoldenCake" 
[Independent Film Project] 

Voice Talent/Actors are in needed for an up coming James Bond reinterpretation entitled, "GoldenCake". 

New, small local AZ production company has screenwritten a compelling reinterpretation of the classic James Bond flick "GoldenEye" called..."GoldenCake". Everything is the same, except everyone is a cake. Except for the characters James Bond and Xena Onatopp. Experienced voice actors are needed to play all main roles except for the two characters who aren't cakes, who will be needed as on-screen actors (in front of green screen). 

Talent needed: 

MALE - 30 to 45, to portray James Bond. 
FEMALE - 21 to 35, to portray Xena Onatopp. 
MALES and FEMALES - 21 to 45 years old, experienced voice-over talent, for a variety of vo-speaking roles. 

To Apply or for more info, please email resume and video/audio demos to: 

Recording location: Pima County 
[From Phoenix = 136 miles, 2 hour 18 min drive / From Tucson = 65 miles, 1 hour and 13 min drive] 
Recording schedule: TBA 

Pay: Negotiable, depending on how many roles you play, plus credit and copy
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