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Tucson: Possible Scam - re:Actors/Actresses Needed for Commercial Shoot (BEWARE)

Dear TTA List Members,


Sorry, this one slipped past my radar.  


Another TTA List Member has informed me that a post I forwarded looked like a scam (previous post  The information below seems to confirm it.


As always, NEVER pay for an audition.  There are many nefarious people out there who will gladly separate you from your money in exchange for the promise of getting acting opportunities. 



TTA List Administrator

re:Actors/Actresses Needed for Commercial Shoot (BEWARE)

Date: 2010-08-14, 8:49AM MST
Reply to: see below 


Beware of possible spam. 

When replying to this email for the actors I represent, I got the message below (see below). 

Almost exactly the same ad in Phoenix for a shoot in downtown Phoenix (suspicious). Probably a similar ad is running in many cities. 

The link that this email directs you to asks for your personal information to supposedly "verify" that you are not a spammer. Note the http states "" (very suspicious). The link states that the verification process is run from a company called "Veratad". 

If you go to (totally different http) you will not see that filtering spam is one of their services. Their logo is similar, but definitely different. I have been submitting talent for over a year and have never come across something like this before. 

The email also states that the assistant Christine will call to make an appt. with you within 24 hours. That is also not normal. Casting agents are selective- they don't make appt.s with every person that answers a craigslist post. 

This post looks like a scam to get a list of a target market (aspiring actors) for future spamming. BEWARE! 


Thank you for your reply. We are still in need of actors. We've had a lot of replies already. Unfortunately most of them have been spam or other time wasters, so in order to verify you are not a common craigslist spammer, please go to the following url to verify yourself. My assistant Christine will call you within 24 hours to schedule an interview after we've received notice of your verification. 

Thank You, 

Lois Klein 
Production Manager”

·         Location: BEWARE

·         it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

·         Compensation: BEWARE


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