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Tucson: Arizona Onstage Productions auditions for Sweeney Todd


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Subject: Arizona Onstage Productions announced auditions for Sweeney Todd


ARIZONA ONSTAGE PRODUCTIONS, an award winning professional theater company based in Tucson (9 Arizona Daily Star MAC Nominations and 3 wins 2008), will present Steven Sondheim's SWEENEY TODD on the Main Stage of the Temple of Music and Art, August 4-14, 2011. Rehearsals will start in June.

Auditions will be held Saturday, January 22, 2011, at the Cabaret Space, Temple of Music and Art. Audition slots will be assigned at 10 minute intervals starting at 1pm.

Directed by Kevin Johnson, Music Director, Khris Dodge, Movement by Megan Tenney

The roles of Sweeney Todd, Mrs. Lovett and Tobias are already cast.
We are also looking for a large ensemble to play townspeople, lords, ladies, policemen, lunatics, etc.


ANTHONY HOPE - a young man who returns to London with Todd (having rescued him at sea) and sets his heart on Johanna, Todd's daughter. C3-F#4 (Tenor). Please audition with the song "Johanna."

BEGGAR WOMAN - A deranged and schizophrenic woman with a secret. A3-F#5 (Alto). Please request the audition song, "The Beggar Woman's Lullaby." It is not on the cast recording but is on the "Sweeney Todd Live in Concert" live cd.

JOHANNA - Judge Turpin's young, lovely ward and Todd's long-lost daughter. Innocent and aching to free herself from Turpin's grasp. C4-Bb5 (Soprano). Please audition with "Green Finch and Linnet Bird."

JONAS FOGG - The owner of Fogg's Sanitorium.

JUDGE TURPIN - A corrupt and lecherous official who hides in the guise of sanctimonious honor. B2-F4 (Baritenor). There are passages in "Pretty Women (Part 1) and other songs where TURPIN sings down to an F1. (Can be sung an octave higher, if necessary). Please audition with a cut of "Pretty Women."

PIRELLI - A flamboyant Italian with a secret past. A charlatan and rival barber. G#2-F34 (Tenor). Formally trained. There is a high A in "The Contest" but A, an octave lower, is indicated as ossia. Therefore, having the high A is desired, but not crucial. Please ask for audition music -- it is part of the shaving competition.

THE BEADLE - A pompous public official whose real loyalty is only to the corrupt Turpin. Bb2-F4 (Tenor). There is a high C (C5) in "Kiss Me" (Part II). Please ask for the music to "Parlor Song."

An accompanist will be provided. Music can be sent out via email files.

If you are interested, please email your resume (headshot is good too) to: azonstage@yahoo.com Attn: Kevin Johnson Artistic Director. A confirmation email will be sent with instructions as to the specific time of your audition. Go to www.azonstage.org for more info about Arizona Onstage Productions.



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