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Tucson: Local film company, Chosen Filmworks, announces the world premiere of Mattie.


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Subject: Local film company, Chosen Filmworks, announces the world premiere of Mattie.


Local film company, Chosen Filmworks, announces the world premiere of Mattie.

Tucson, Arizona, March 22, 2011 – Chosen Filmworks, a Tucson based film company has announced the dates for the world premiere of Mattie, a full length western film. Mattie’s world premiere will be held at two locations in Tucson, Arizona. The La Mariposa Resort will be the eastside location. This outdoor event featuring gunslingers, photo opportunities, food and drinks will be on May 5, 2011 at 7pm. On the west side, the venue will be Victory Worship Center. Mattie will premiere at 6pm on May 22, 2011 at their beautiful new facility.

As the entertainment industry has focused on violence and sensationalism, people are demanding movies about faith and morality. Chosen Filmworks fills that need by producing family friendly movies that don’t succumb to the lure of sensationalism but provide meaningful value. Add to that a good old western movie filmed on location in Southern Arizona and you’ve got a winner. “The Old West is a fascinating time period to reproduce into a motion picture. There is a rugged, sexy attitude that people worldwide are strongly attracted to” said producer/director Michael Dohrmann. “It is in the heart of people to be self- supportive in dangerous yet adventurous circumstances. That spirit I believe is being stirred in many as we are entering uncertain times.”

The Mattie movie trailer and additional information about the film can be found on the Chosen Filmworks website and Tickets to the premiere events can also be purchased on line at these websites.

Chosen Filmworks, founded in 2009 by Michael and William Dohrmann, is committed to providing riveting, faith based, family friendly movies made by local artists and industry craftsmen.

Contact Information:

Shaunna Kowalewski

Chosen Filmworks, LLC

PMB 138 4729 E. Sunrise Dr.

Tucson, Arizona 85718



If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Michael Dohrmann, please call Shaunna Kowalewski at 520-906-8320 or e-mail Shaunna at


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