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Tucson: Martial arts classes for actors


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Trained self-defense teacher offers martial arts classes for actors.


In addition to being essential to safety and personal wellness, martial arts offer an important marker on an actor's resume. Being versatile in different styles of self-defense makes you more marketable, and widens the range of roles you will be eligible for. Both your career and personal life benefit from these remarkable teachings!


What kinds of martial arts are taught? We teach mixed martial arts, but only in the widest sense of the word. Our system is a combination of American Kenpo, Japanese Jui-jitsu, Atemewaza, Aikido, Boxing, Judo, Shotokan, Wing Chun, Ninpo, and more. Rather than being traditional, we are always working as a unit to integrate new ideas and concepts into the core of the program. The emphasis is on dynamic speed and explosive power, both of which are excellent for onscreen actors. Weapons work is available, and is integrated later into the program.


How is the class structured? Classes are taught in small groups privately, so that students receive the utmost care and attention to both safety and technique. Classes meet once a week, and are scheduled on somewhat flexible times, depending on the schedules of students. The instructor will also work to accommodate rates based on the needs of students. New students are only admitted with a majority approval from the other classmates.


About the instructor: Russell Johnson has been training in the martial arts for more than 20 years, having tried many systems. He has integrated his teachings into a unique, innovative whole that can accommodate many body types and ages. In addition to being a professional photographer, Russell is a licensed mental health professional. His aim is continually focusing on the betterment of the individual.


Please contact Russell at 520-204-1612 for more information, or We look forward to seeing you in class, and beginning your training!




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