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Actors wanted for Screenplay Reading - Never Had A Girl


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Subject: Screenplay Reading Opportunity - Never Had A Girl



WEDS. JAN. 21st - I am in need of 13 readers. 

The screenplay itself has been in the works for over 5 years now and has had its 8th revision. 


Never Had a Girlfriend is a complete, feature-length, contemporary script that is intended to run the film festival circuit.


A closeted white lesbian agrees to help her daddy be re-elected as the mayor of a small, conservative town by agreeing to marry an evangelical preacher's son, when her one true love comes back for more. 


34 characters --


Narrator - narrates the slug lines/scene headings and the action.


12 speak 11 or more times -


Steph (protagonist) - young to mid 20s, fears being a lesbian. 


Audie (Steph's mom) - 40s, socialite.


Denise (Steph's ex-lover) - mid 20s, black.


Jimmie (Steph's faux-beau) - young to mid 20s, also closeted.


Tom (Steph's dad) - 40s, smug. 


Sally (Steph's best friend) - young to mid 20s, black.


Gunter (Tom's competition) - 40s, unscrupulous.


Pastor James (Jimmie's father) - 40s, widowed.


Theo (Denise's aunt) - 40s, lesbian spit-fire.


Ronnie (Steph's former collegiate teammate) - mid 20s, masculine lesbian.


Madge (Ronnie's mate) - 20s, British, investigatory blogger.


Hanson (Gunter's editor at large) - late 30s, lackey.


6 speak 5-10 times


15 speak 1-4 times


Steph Hartmann fears being outed. She's a recent college grad living with her parents, Audie and Tom in a small, conservative, southern town. All Steph wants is Audie's love and acceptance. Steph remains closeted and prays for God to take away her lust of black women.

Socialite Audie tells Steph to marry Jimmie, her longtime boyfriend. Steph knows it'll serve two purposes:  to create good press for Tom, the current Mayor who is up for re-election, and to help her stay closeted. She agrees and becomes engaged to her faux-beau.

At her engagement party, her former lover and true love Denise shows up to cover the event. Steph still wants nothing to do with her. Audie however, recognizes the valuable service Denise provides. She makes sure Denise is present for all wedding related events.

To get rid of Denise for good, Steph arrogantly challenges her to a winner-take-all game of basketball. Steph's ego takes a major bruising when she loses and has to do whatever Denise wants.

Steph prays for a sign and believes it comes in a sermon about love and acceptance. After which, Jimmie confronts Steph for being with Denise. Steph immediately breaks their engagement.

Steph sleeps with her true love. She soon regrets her decision as she learns she's been outed in the local paper. With her worst fear realized and believing Denise set her up, Steph storms off.

With the help of her best friend, Steph finally embraces who she is. She goes to the Mayoral Debate between her father and Gunter, who owns the local rag. Steph publicly admits being gay and states that it has no bearing on the vote.

Steph goes home to gather her cloths and face her momma. Audie refuses to believe that Steph is a homosexual and wants to fix everything back to the way it was.

Steph is firmly convinced that God loves and accepts her as she is. Audie cannot see eye to eye with Steph on this. Steph realizes that she no longer craves Audie's acceptance.

Having learned that Denise did not set her up, Steph expresses her love to Denise. Steph finally has her girlfriend.


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