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David Fitzsimmons hosts Reveille Men's Chorus at REV IT UP!


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Subject: David Fitzsimmons hosts Reveille Men's Chorus at REV IT UP!




Rev It Up! Reveille Roundup

Saturday, February 21, 2015, 6:30 pm

Savoy Opera House, Traildust Town, Tucson, AZ (





Reveille's Annual Fundraiser

Benefitting the Joel Meister Scholarship Fund

$80 - includes FOOD and FESTIVITIES


What to Expect

We will be kicking off with chow roundup at 6:30 with some modified cowboy vittles.  The chow lines will be hopping with some classics and favorites.  Throughout the evening there will be cash bars on both sides of the venue.  

At 7 pm that rascal, and one of Tucson's well knownest varmints, David "Fitz" Fitzsimmons will kick off the evening of rootin' tootin' fun.  You can expect:

·         Cartoons

·         Political incorrectness

·         Old Time Western Songs

·         A Live Auction with Tucson's snappiest auctioneer - Hombre Fitz!

·         Awards & Recognitions

·         A big ole Reveille Surprise

Don't miss it!

Why Are We Doing It

This year's western themed event highlights a very important part of the Reveille Men's Chorus Mission: Changing Lives Through Music. The Joel Meister Scholarship Fund allows members (often younger men) to offset the costs of being a member of the chorus.  The average cost of the first year with the chorus is $1000/member.  This includes all the expenses of membership contribution to rehearsals, attire for shows, music expenses, transportation and support fees.  After the first year these costs are reduced but still average over $500/member each year. Each year Reveille donors and chorus members sponsor 8 - 12 singers at full or partial costs.  Without some type of financial assistance, these singers would not be able to perform.  


In addition to the annual home events, every 2 years, Reveille travels to spread the word and fulfill its mission of "Changing Lives Through Music." Recently we returned from an invited performance with the Puerto Vallarta Men's Chorus in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Without the scholarship funds, 8 members would not have been able to attend.  In July 2016, we will travel to Denver to represent Tucson at the GALA Festival, a gather over nearly 200 LGBT GALA chorus from around the country with some from other countries as well.  This event will draw nearly 9000 people, the majority singers. Again, without financial support many members would not be able to attend.  


These events and being a member of the Reveille Men's Chorus are life changing not only for those in our audiences, but also for the members of the chorus. Without support many of our members would not have these experiences. You will hear from some of those members at the event.  






Joel Meister is a former member of the chorus and the board of directors for Reveille Men's Chorus.  He was a retired professor of public health at the University of Arizona with studies that focused on concerns of social injustice. Under his tutelage, the chorus adopted its public health mission to bring understanding around LGBT issues to communities at large and strive to create a world free of AIDS.  He was an ardent advocate for the reduction of social injustice in any community regardless of the reason for the injustice.  He also felt that music helped makes tough messages easier to hear. Then the issues could be discussed. After his untimely passing, the chorus felt his commitment to tackling tough issues through music should be honored.  Reveille dedicated the scholarship fund to his memory and dedication as well as a community impact award.  Joel's mission in life is a strong reminder to all the chorus that our greater mission as an organization is to continually "change lives through music" and anyone with a desire to sing an opportunity to experience their own change through that process. We are honored to have had Joel so deeply involved in our mission.



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