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OPP presents the 24th Annual New Play Festival

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24th Annual New Play Festival

January 29-31 and February 1, 2015

 Temple of Music & Art Cabaret Theater

330 S. Scott Avenue

Downtown Tucson

Tickets are $7.00 per performance day or $20.00 for a Festival Pass for all performances

Further information:  John 520-298 -1331



Thursday January 29, 2015, 7:30 pm

Hansel and Gretel by Brian Armstrong

Directed by Vince Flynn.  Actors: Hilary Bluestein-Lyons, Sydney Flynn, Aodhan Lyons,

Morgan Smith,  Will Stagl

Deliver by Brian Armstrong

Directed by Hilary Bluestein-Lyons. Actors: Andrew Hatch, Mike Sultzbach

Gentlemen's Club Inc. by Brian Desautels

Directed by Vince Flynn.  Actors:  Pat Fitch, Catherynne Morgan, Mike Saxon, Morgan Smith

While in Transition by Brian Desautels,

Directed by Gavin Kayner.  Actors: Mara Concordia, Karen Cuthbert, Morgan Fitch,

Catherynne Morgan


Friday January 30, 2015, 7:30 pm

Teddy Bear Rain by Gavin Kayner

Directed by Stephanie Sikes. Actors: Armen Sarrafian, Callie Hutchison, Will Stagl,

Sheldon Metz, Sydney Flynn


                Saturday January 31, 2015, 7:30 pm

The Big Rub by Pam Burris and Leslie Powell

Directed by Amy Erbe.  Actors: Hal Melfi, Martie Van der Voort, Ellie Vought,

Eugenia Woods

The Earth Mother's Tale by Janice Ambrose

Directed by Dave Sewell.  Actors: Bebe Fischer, Sydney Flynn, Tim Foran,  Mike Saxon,

Lissa Staples, Stan Stein, Jeff Webster

Baby Dada by Ron Pullins

Directed by Leslie Powell.  Actors: Morgan Fitch, Pat Fitch, Sheldon Metz


Sunday Matinee, February 1, 2015, 2:00 pm

Bob Dickerson's Legal Beagle by Reid Gilbert

Directed by Richard Wamer.  Actors: Denise Blum, Dlyn Fairfax, Gerald Martin, Donn Poll, Michael Saxon, Jason Schutte

The Green One by Hilary Bluestein-Lyons

Directed by Dlyn Fairfax Parra. Actors: Eric Everts, Meagan Jones

The Osso Bucco Club by Phil Levere

Directed by Mary Davis. Actors: Denise Blum, Michael Candela, Mike Sultzbach

No Sign of Foul Play by Phil Levere

Directed by Jason Ryder. Actors: Eric Everts, Aodhan Lyons, Will Stagl





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