Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Three different photographers doing FREE HEAD SHOTS

This and much more in the IFA January Call Sheet, posted on the blog:


IFA's Film Writers Meeting.  IFA's Tuesday February 3, Meeting (7 PM, Connect Coworking, 33 South 5th Avenue (between Congress and Broadway)Tucson) will be dedicated to film writing.  Unique and innovative concepts for films are created, not by directors or cinematographers or actors, but by writers.  The dialogue that makes characters real is developed not by anyone commonly on set, but by writers long before the camera first ever rolls.  The plot that brings the audience to the edge of their seats or to the verge of tears is not the work of a producer or studio, but most often of one individual -- the writer.  And most often, even the most well informed audiences never remember his or her name.


But at IFA, we remember.  The IFA Film Writers Meeting, Tuesday, February 3, 2015  (7 PM, Connect Co-Working, 33 South Fifth Avenue) will be devoted to film writers.  We will cover inspiration for concepts, the role of formula in development of story and plot, writing realistic dialogue, character development, timing, beat and structure.  We will discuss proper formatting (for beginners) and marketing and sale (for the more accomplished).  We will compare writing short stories and novels to writing for the screen.  And we will discuss the actual production of scripts (and what real world considerations writers should have in writing for independent filmmakers who come to the game without a big studio budget).  Finally, we will have an elevator pitch competition, with the winning writer getting a $100 Cash Prize.  Yes, cash money.


If you're an actor -- we will have three different photographers doing free head shots for you to download to your flash drive or external hard drive. You come to one meeting, but leave with three different head shots. Can't beat that with a stick. 



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