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IFA's January Call Sheet

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1.  Acting Lessons with Barb Glover.  Barb Glover, one of Arizona's most accomplished actors and best respected acting instructors, is building a new acting studio.  She has instituted a "Labor for Lessons" program through which she is willing to trade acting lessons for both skilled and some unskilled labor relating to the build out.  Barb's classes are top notch -- so this might be a great opportunity to take a class you might not otherwise be able to afford.  For details contact Barb at


 2.  IFA's Film Writers Meeting.  IFA's Tuesday February 3, Meeting (7 PM, Connect Coworking, 33 South 5th Avenue (between Congress and Broadway)Tucson) will be dedicated to film writing.  Unique and innovative concepts for films are created, not by directors or cinematographers or actors, but by writers.  The dialogue that makes characters real is developed not by anyone commonly on set, but by writers long before the camera first ever rolls.  The plot that brings the audience to the edge of their seats or to the verge of tears is not the work of a producer or studio, but most often of one individual -- the writer.  And most often, even the most well informed audiences never remember his or her name.


But at IFA, we remember.  The IFA Film Writers Meeting, Tuesday, February 3, 2015  (7 PM, Connect Co-Working, 33 South Fifth Avenue) will be devoted to film writers.  We will cover inspiration for concepts, the role of formula in development of story and plot, writing realistic dialogue, character development, timing, beat and structure.  We will discuss proper formatting (for beginners) and marketing and sale (for the more accomplished).  We will compare writing short stories and novels to writing for the screen.  And we will discuss the actual production of scripts (and what real world considerations writers should have in writing for independent filmmakers who come to the game without a big studio budget).  Finally, we will have an elevator pitch competition, with the winning writer getting a $100 Cash Prize.  Yes, cash money.


If you're an actor -- we will have three different photographers doing free head shots for you to download to your flash drive or external hard drive. You come to one meeting, but leave with three different head shots. Can't beat that with a stick. 


3.  The Almost Famous 48 Hour Film Challenge.   On Friday, February 13 at 7 PM you get a theme, line of dialogue and a prop.  Over the next 48 hours you shoot and edit a film using all three and turn in a finished one to five minute film by 7 PM on Sunday, February 15.  The Top 20 films get a public screening at the AMC Arizona Center in Phoenix on Thursday, February 26.  For more information or to register your own team ($50) go to


If you are an actor or production team member and are interested in joining an existing team (the Syndicated Evangelist team), send an email to with your name, contact information and what role you are interested in playing (e.g., are you an actor or a camera operator or a boom operator).


4.  IFA Wants Links to Your Films.  Independent Film Arizona wants links to your Arizona made films.  We will publish a list of links on our website, publish select links here in Call Sheet (which goes out to over 5,000 actors and filmmakers) and we will play the best films at our monthly meetings.  Send the name of the film, a short one sentence description, the key credits and the link to  This month's Call Sheet featured film is:

Stardust and the Bandit - Dick Fisher and Sarah Sher
Best TV Pilot - California Film Awards - 2011

5.  The Screening Room. Downtown's Movie House.  At 127 East Congress, The Screening Room is at the heart of Downtown Tucson.  Offering both classic and contemporary films (and a wide range of other offerings from jazz to Shakespeare to opera) the Screening Room is the go to venue in Downtown.  Why drive to the megaplex when you can walk to The Screening Room? Home of the International Film Festival.  For current screenings go to or call 520-882-0204.  The Screening Room. 127 East Congress, Downtown Tucson.  

6.  Nominations for IFA's Top 100 Actors List.  IFA has opened nominations for IFA's 2015 Top 100 Actors List, which will be announced at the April 7 Actors Meeting.  You can nominate any actor who has either lived or worked in Arizona by sending their name and their e-mail address to  You can nominate more than one actor. To date over 250 actors have been nominated.  The only way you can be sure that the actors you think are the best make the list is to take the time to nominate them today.

7.  Location Filming in Arizona.  IFA recommends Lili Debarbieri's new book Location Filming in Arizona:The Screen Legacy of the Grand Canyon State.  It's a great resource identifying potential locations and takes you through the history of filming in Arizona.  You can get it from Amazon and many local bookstores.


8.  IFA Wants Your Top Ten Tip Sheets.  At every meeting, IFA gives out a free Tip Sheet on a different aspect of acting, film, or filmmaking.  One page.  Ten Tips.  We also post some of the best here on Call Sheet (which if you have not been paying attention, goes out to over 5,000 actors and filmmakers).  We also have a library of Tip Sheets that will be available on our website.  We want you to write and submit a Tip Sheet on your area of expertise to both so you can share your learning with our members and to promote yourself as an actor or filmmaker.


This months featured Tip Sheet (attached below) is on Selecting Locations.  If you think it is great -- fantastic -- if you disagree with every bit of it -- great -- write and submit it's replacement.   


9.  Tucson Stage.  Have you joined Tucson Stage?  If you haven't -- you should do so today.  It's free.  Their website is a great resource and their mailing list is the most reliable and comprehensive source of acting opportunities in Southern Arizona.  Go to to sign up.  Did I mention -- it's free?


10. Now Printing. IFA Actor Head Shot and Resume Book.  Independent Film Arizona has collected almost a thousand actor head shots and resumes, which it is compiling into a book and making available to select non-profits for free and to directors and producers for a modest fee to cover compilation and copying.  There is no charge for actors to be in the book so send your head shot and resume in today to  You don't want to be left out.  


11.  Auditions at Old Tucson.  Old Tucson Company proudly announces Female Musical Auditions for their Winter-Spring 2015 operating season. Auditions are Friday, January 30th at 4:00 PM. Applications (happily) accepted in advance.  Audition location: Old Tucson, 201 S Kinney Rd, Tucson AZ 85735. Approach via the Employee entrance and park in the Employee Lot. Check in with Security to be directed to the auditions. Go to for details.


12.  Mondo Mondays at the Loft.  Mondo -- striking or remarkable.  Check out Mondo Mondays at the Loft.  The weird, the wild, the striking or remarkable.   Each Monday at   8 PM. Only $3 for non-members and $2 for Loft Members.  And as always the Loft serves both beer and popcorn with real butter (as God intended). The Loft Cinema. 3233 East Speedway.  Tucson.


13.  Access Tucson.  Access Tucson is an independent, non-profit corporation dedicated to the management of public access television in Tucson (Cox 20 and Comcast 74).  Located in the heart of Downtown Tucson (124 East Broadway) Access Tucson also offers exceptional production classes and low cost facility and equipment rentals.  Go to to find out more about production or broadcast opportunities through Access Tucson.   


14.  February 6 is First Friday at the Loft.  Friday (February 6 ) is the first Friday of the month so at 9:00 PM Max Cannon will be hosting First Friday at the Loft (3233 East Speedway in Tucson).  Bring your short (less than 15 minutes) to the Loft during the day on Friday and see if it gets some love on Friday night (and a $200 cash prize) or if it gets the feared gong.  It cost nothing to submit a film and all films play for at least three minutes. Isn't it time that you were brave enough to show your film out in the real world?


15.  Intern at Independent Film Arizona.  If you want to become more involved in Independent Film Arizona, become an intern or volunteer by sending your name and contact information and a little bit about how you are interested in film to Antonella at


16.  Make an Announcement in IFA's Call Sheet.  If you want to make an announcement (casting, looking for collaborators or promoting an existing film or arts project) you can announce it in Call Sheet. It goes out to over 5,000 actors and filmmakers each month.  And it's free.  Send your announcement to


17.  Join Independent Film Arizona.  Independent Film Arizona is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting and promoting actors and independent filmmakers in Southern Arizona.  If you want your $25 tax deductible contribution, you can become a member of Independent Film Arizona or renew your membership by going to


Further affiant sayeth not.



IFA Sponsors


Arizona International Film Festival.  The 24th Arizona International Film Festival, the longest running and largest film festival in Arizona, will run from April 9 to 26, 2015 at exhibition venues throughout Downtown Tucson. The Festival theme of Bridging Cultures provides a way for independent cinema to share images and voices from diverse cultures with Arizona communities. Submissions are now being accepted thru and  The Arizona International Film Festival gives a 10% discount on tickets to IFA Members.  For more information about the Arizona International Film Festival go to


CoLab Workspace.  CoLab is a cooperative workspace located at 17 East Pennington in the Pioneer Building in Downtown Tucson.  CoLab offers free dropin space to work downtown and provides free administrative space and mail handling to Independent Film Arizona.  For more information about CoLab Workspace go to


Click Magnet.  Click Magnet is a unique internet marketing agency with experience building search engine optimized websites since 1998.  Click Magnet helps businesses attract more customers and spend their marketing dollars more efficiently.  Click Magnet has provided free video editing services to IFA members (creating actor reels).  For more information on Click Magnet go to


Connect Coworking.  Connect Coworking is a Tucson collaborative workspace in the historic Rialto Building.  Located at 33 South Fifth Avenue (between Congress and Broadway), Connect provides entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers more than just a desk, more than just a roof.

Connect is a place where cutting-edge minds and innovative technology call home; a place where collaboration breeds success, community and change.  And it happens all right here.  Right in the heart of Tucson.  Connect donates meeting space for all of IFA's monthly production meetings.  For more information on Connect Coworking go to


Groundwork Promotions.  A division of Groundwork Global Media, Groundwork Promotions supports artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses to carry out a vision and communicate it through their social media and online presence.  Groundwork Promotions has designed and hosts IFA's website, has donated a internet marketing package as a member benefit, and offers all IFA members a 15% discount on all of Groundwork Promotions' services.  For more information on Groundwork Promotions, go to


Grant Hunker Wedding Cinematography.  Grant Hunker is one of Tucson's premiere wedding cinematographers offering to capture elegant and sophisticated memories of your wedding ceremony without having the production intrude into the ceremony itself.  Grant Hunker has provided free editing services to IFA members (creating actor reels).  For more information about Grant Hunker Wedding Cinematography, go to


Misty Production Services.  Misty Production Services is one of the largest equipment rental houses in Arizona.  Misty's has recently updated its equipment inventory and is working  with a new management team.  Misty's offers IFA members a 20% discount on all rentals (excluding LED lighting and special orders).  Misty's is located at  210 West 5th Street No. 5, Tucson, Arizona 85705.  Their phone number is 520-623-3144.   For more information on Misty Production Services, go to

Peach Tree Advertising.  Peach Tree Advertising is an advertising agency specializing in commercial productions for broadcast and web. Peach Tree Advertising is a lean and innovative firm founded by National Gold Addie Award Winning Cinematographer, Nick Murray.   Peach Tree offers both cinematography and editing for both commercial and event work.  Peach Tree Advertising  has provided free editing services to IFA members (creating actor reels).  For more information about Peach Tree Advertising, go to



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