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AUDITIONS for The Gaslight Music Hall new Murder Mystery show!


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Subject: AUDITIONS for The Gaslight Music Hall new Murder Mystery show!



Upcoming Auditions for The Gaslight Music Hall!

Auditions are open-call on Tuesday, March 27, 5-10PM!



"Murder at Cactus Casino"

On Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, the Gaslight Music Hall in Oro Valley will be holding open-call auditions for its upcoming, interactive, comedy/musical murder mystery, "Murder at Cactus Casino," which opens on June 4th and runs every Monday night. Auditions will begin at 5:00pm and callbacks will start at around 7:00pm and will run until approximately 10:00pm. Please arrive promptly and be prepared to stay until 10:00pm.

Please be prepared with two minutes of material that best displays your ability to entertain in an "environmental" setting. There is no stage; you will be auditioning (and performing) surrounded by an audience, and how you interact with that audience is very important.

Audition pieces can be comic monologues, stand-up material, story-telling or any combination that shows how well you can capture our imagination. Please note that the entire show is scripted, but that there is also improvisation involved, so be prepared to demonstrate that ability as well. Amaze us!

Singers are most welcome, as the show has several production numbers. (Not all cast members sing, though.) If you would like to sing, please bring your own sheet music – no recorded accompaniment – and limit yourself to thirty-two bars. An accompanist will be provided.

If you are auditioning for the role of either Diva Divine or Johnny B. Goode, note that these two characters perform major production numbers and the ability to "rock the room" vocally is essential.

Headshots and resumes are required.
All actors must be 18+.
All roles are paid.
Rehearsals will begin on or about May 15th.
All roles are open.

This is a family-friendly production. Any performer using profanity or overt sexuality during their audition will be disqualified.

"Murder at Cactus Casino" Cast of Characters:

Miss Diva Divine: An extremely flamboyant entertainer. Diva has been the headliner at Cactus Casino forever – and is determined to stay that way. Must sing. Performs a glitzy show number. (Male Drag Role: 30-50)

M.C. Shinola: The owner and host at Cactus Casino. Slightly sleazy yet somehow charming, he/she runs the company that owns the building and production company. (Male/Female: 24-40)

Sharky Diamond: A "cage dancer" in her youth, she is now the only-slightly-crooked card dealer at Cactus Casino. (Female: 35-55)

Venus Starbright: A showgirl and cocktail server at Cactus Casino. She has talent, ambition and lets no one stand in her way. (Female: 18-30)

Carlito Pesto: The owner of the Casino Colossus who has loaned M.C. a great deal of money and is now demanding that it be paid pack immediately, if not sooner. Dangerous. (Male: 25-50)

Johnny B. Goode: A very cocky Elvis impersonator who is always – always – in character: The #2 attraction at Cactus Casino – and not at all happy about it. Must sing and move well. (Male: 25-40)

Charlene Rich: A former hairdresser, she is in charge of distributing all the money from the old, Federal government stimulus. She wears a lot of "bling," always has a drink in her hand and flashes cash wherever she goes. (Female: 25-55)

Governor Chris Charade: The new-and-ultra-conservative Governor of Nevada, she is part Sarah Palin and part Miss Malaprop. She wants to shut down Cactus Casino as a part of her greater plan to turn Las Vegas into the "squeaky clean entertainment capital" of America.

Captain Mark Morgan: A police investigator. A remarkably cheery officer – in a Dudley DoRight sort of way – he is far more crafty than he first appears.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 5-10PM

Auditions will be OPEN CALL at:

The Gaslight Music Hall
13005 N. Oracle Rd.
Oro Valley, AZ  85739
Box office: #520-529-1000





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