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"One thing I still believe in is the good in humanity. Like, people helping other people out.

With everything bad that's going on, that's something to believe in."  


"To fight for yourself is just an egocentric behavior. To fight for something beyond you- the greater good- that's always worth fighting for."


"I think at heart people actually want similar things, they just don't realize it."


--HARK! Community participants







The YWCA Southern Arizona, in collaboration with local artist Eugenia Woods and Taproot Productions, are launching HARK! -an arts-based community engagement project aimed at reducing political and social polarization and isolation and building dialogue on issues of common concern.


HARK! provides opportunities for people to cross the lines of social, political, racial and gender-based divides to contribute to a collective conversation on identity, participation and civic resonance in the context of our fractured culture.


Trained artists with HARK! staged several public and private listening events at which "mindful listening techniques" were applied to provide participants with opportunities to speak out in a safe and receptive environment sharing their unique visions for justice and collective wellness.  At some HARK! events, participants were offered basic training in mindful listening techniques as they took turns asking questions and listening to each other, giving everyone in the room a chance to be heard without judgement.


Pop-up Listening Pods, Listening Events and Private Sessions: HARK! staged community listening events in various locations across the city.  Pop-up Listening Pods, were executed at the YWCA Southern Arizona, Frances McClelland Community Center (Bonita Ave.); Tucson Meet Yourself; Chuck Ford Lakeside Park; the Ronstadt Transit Center; Casa Libre on 4th Ave; Quincie Douglas Center, Active Adult Program; Women's Resource Center at the University of Arizona; and the Hopi Foundation - Owl and Panther


HARK! Performances: The HARK! artistic team, led by Director Eugenia Woods and Choreographers Kimi Eisele and Natalie Brewster Nguyen, are now compiling and arranging responses from public listening activities into a collage performance.  Performances will run April 19 - 29, 2018. 



HARK! Performances:

Preview: Thursday April 19th at 7:30pm

Opening: Friday April 20th at 7:30pm

Regular Performances: Saturday April 21, Thursday April 26, Friday April 27, and

Saturday April 28 at 7:30pm

Sunday Matinees: April 22th and April 29th at 2pm

Tickets: General $15, Student/Teacher/Military/Senior $10

YWCA Southern Arizona, 525 N Bonita Ave, Tucson, AZ 85745


 HARK! As Civic Engagement and Resource: HARK! was created as a living, building and growing civic resource in hopes of reaching far into this and other communities long after the production closes at the end of April 2018.  The YWCA Stand Together Arizona Training and Advocacy Center will work with Woods to develop protocols for the application of mindful listening techniques in various educational, social and governmental organizations; to build safe strategies for organizational change, community wellness and social justice for all.


To learn more about HARK! visit


HARK! is a production of the YWCA Stand Together Arizona Training and Advocacy Center



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