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Independent Film Arizona: March 6th meeting, The Western Isn't Dead, open to all


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Next Meeting: March. 6, 2018 -
7 - 8:30 PM



Find out what is happening at Old Tucson Movie Studios

Rob Jensen &
Marty Freese

Rob Jensen
Film & Entertainment Manager
Rob Jensen has worked many facets of the entertainment industry for over 28 years, with 18 of those at Old Tucson. His team consists of Entertainment, including the stunt and musical performers, as well as the historians; and Wardrobe. Rob also has extensive experience in the film industry and works with production companies that have interest in filming at Old Tucson properties, and is an actor and stunt coordinator.
.After retiring from the railroad industry, Marty Freese found his calling at Old Tucson. As one of the resident historians, Marty shares his extensive knowledge of the park's film history. An actor himself, Marty has acted in television and film, and produced two documentaries with Old Tucson archivist and author of Paul "PJ" Lawton.

NEW Location:

The Jewish Community Center
Multi-Purpose Room - 2nd Floor
3800 East River Road,
Tucson, AZ 85718



Special Event
March 20th
Learn how to do a Three-Camera
Live TV Studio Shoot
$20. Fundraiser for IFA at
Southern Arizona Video Productions
911 South Tyndall Ave.85719




The Director's Chair

As always we want to thank you for coming every month to be part of the vibrant Independent Film Arizona community. 
Remember, IFA meetings are free and open to the public, but we also strongly encourage you to take the next step and become a member. For only $25.00 a year, you can be part of this amazing group of people who strive to help the independent Filmmakers of Southern Arizona. Academic memberships are also available for free for actively enrolled students.

You know that being on time is one of the keys to success, so we'll see you there at 7 PM.

Genie Joseph, President
Independent Film Arizona






Learn more about independent film in Arizona and be involved! We offer educational monthly meetings with experts in the film industry - and it's a great opportunity to network with industry professionals.


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