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Tucson Fringe Festival: Beer With The Bard, annual pub crawl featuring Shakespeare's Greatest Hits


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Shakespeare Pub Crawl

On Sunday April 22nd, join the Tucson Fringe Festival
for our annual pub crawl featuring Shakespeare's Greatest Hits 
performed by some of Tucson's favorite actors.




How it works...




Head to to by a ticket ahead of time.  You can either buy a $10 ticket that includes the entertainment, or you can get a $35 wristband that includes four drink tickets.  If you have a button from a previous Tucson Fringe Festival, you get $3 off your Beer With The Bard ticket. (tickets may also be purchased at the first stop on the day of the event)


On Sunday April 22nd, meet us at Borderlands Brewery on Toole about 15 minutes before the show starts.  There are two show times.  Each show is the same.  We spend about 30 minutes at each venue, and each stop includes at least one outstanding performance of scenes, monologues or songs from Shakespeare's Greatest Hits.




Click Here for More Info and TICKETS





Which bars are we going to?

We've got new venues this year.  We start out at Borderlands Brewery, then head to Tap & Bottle.  Then we'll head to The Royal Room, and we'll finish the event at The Flycatcher.  





Do I have to drink beer?

Not at all!  Feel free to order whatever you like. Just be sure to tip your servers well!  If you get the $35 wristband that includes drink tickets, those drink tickets will be good for a specific selection of wines and beers at each venue.




Can I get tickets at the door?

Sure!  We do limit each pub crawl to 60 audience members, though, so get there early to ensure that you get a ticket!





Tucson Theatre Announcement List for subscription information



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