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Acknowledging a bit of shameless self-promotion, I nevertheless enjoy the tips from Sharon (tip #80 below).

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Secrets for Success Every Actor Must Know …


How much junk mail do you find in your mailbox on a daily basis? Have you
ever counted how many unsolicited grocery store flyers you receive? What
about catalogues, restaurant menus, credit card offers and non-profit

The list is seemingly endless and I sometimes wonder what would change if
all these companies could see how many of their advertisements end up in
the “circular file.” Probably nothing! But that doesn’t mean you need to
add to this wealth of environmental waste.

No, this tip is not about the environment. Rather, it’s about agencies and
management companies that do not accept unsolicited materials yet continue
to receive them on a regular basis.

One afternoon, as I was sitting at our receptionist’s desk writing a note
to someone, an actor came in to drop off his unsolicited packet –
headshot, resume and demo reel. I told him I’d be glad to give his
headshot and resume to the new talent division but that we did not accept
unsolicited tapes.

When he started getting pushy about taking the tape, I explained to him
that our procedure was to review the headshot and resume first, and, if we
liked what we saw, we would then request his tape. If we liked his tape,
we would then call him in for an interview.

Apparently he thought that as long as he left his tape, we would take a
look at it. Unfortunately, he thought wrong! After arguing with me for
several minutes about keeping his tape, he walked towards the front door,
leaving his tape on the desk, which I promptly threw into the trash, along
with his headshot and resume. By that point in time his arrogance cost him
the opportunity to even be considered for representation.

When an agency specifically tells you they don’t accept unsolicited tapes,
please believe them! If they like what they see from your headshot and
resume, they will definitely request your tape in the future.


• Don’t send out unsolicited tapes. Send your tapes to the people who
request them and use the rest of the money you saved (by not having to get
more tapes made) to market yourself. It could be that very next headshot
you send out that gets you the call requesting the tape that gets you the

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