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Tucson: One more weekend for RED NOSES



From: Cynthia Meier []
Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2008 11:40 PM
Subject: One more weekend for RED NOSES


The Rogue Theatre's epic RED NOSES has one more weekend.  Some friends who have seen RED NOSES have had this to say:


"Your production of RED NOSES was really quite wonderful--seamlessly directed, confidently acted, intensely and intelligently wrought--singing, dancing, greasing, juggling, miming, declaiming, dying, living, joking, despairing--plays within plays, acting styles constantly changing to fit the situation, the ensemble there, right there, every moment--thank you for bringing this to us, for showing us, once again, what theater can be like, what ensemble production can achieve, what dramatic literature can do--it's long, of course, and you'll get flak for that, but it's worth it, the play is virtually Shakesperean in its scope and reach and language and impact--we are truly blessed to have Rogue here, now, doing what it does--again, thank you-"


"what an amazing adventure the play was last evening!  After the play ended, this whole adventure swimming around in my head, my first word was "HUGE"!!  Noses was a totally huge experience!  Absorbed in and into this amazing production for three hours was enormously FUN!  I love surprise laughs.  I love delicious irreverence.  I love innuendo. I love a demanding script. I loved the production!  I often wonder what draws the Rogue to take on plays of such complexity.  Just trying to get one's mind around the beautiful enormity of Noses, I can't imagine wading into those early days of rehearsal.  Each actor's script must have been inches thick!  Costumes, creative.  It is exactly what one wants in theatre!!!  Even the few missed lines were perfect!  They brought one back to Noses being this amazingly, challenging, complex story being told by actors on a stage; not a "perfect" show....we have tv for that.  The Rogue actors clearly LOVE what they do!  And I LOVE the Rogue Theatre!"


Please join us for the few remaining performances of this amazing adventure.  The play is indeed three hours long with two refreshing intermissions to munch on Tom's cookies--it's rich and full, and we would love to share it with you.  


Please call 520-551-2053 or visit for tickets and reservations.


Best wishes,

The Rogues


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